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Double Your Ministry By Mike Loomis

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There are two keys to communication that can double your ministry.

By Mike Loomis ~

Years ago, after selling my second business, I took some time off, painted our house, and volunteered at a local ministry.

To my surprise, in three months I was “second in command,” leading four-hundred people and seventy-five volunteers!

In just two years, those numbers doubled. In hindsight, I credit two important elements in the growth of the organization. And these keys apply to any business, brand, or nonprofit.

Tell People Why the Organization Exists

This might sound elementary, but I challenge you to really examine this point for yourself. Why should people connect with your organization? What does the leadership believe the mission is? Communicate this—clearly and often.

But that’s so simple… and limiting!


One way of looking at this communication challenge is to be clear on what your organization is not about. In other words, have the courage to be humbly unapologetic:

“We hope you love our ministry (or conference, or restaurant) but here’s what we’re focusing on, and here’s what we’re not – and we’re okay with that!”

Just make sure you communicate the “why.”

Once you start trying to please everyone, you’ll please no one. As an added bonus, your joy will decrease and your stress will increase!

 Make Daily Choices Based on Your “Why”

Lack of follow-through is why many savvy employees and potential customers roll their eyes at “Mission Statements.” Face it, these globs of words get stale on a forgotten poster, and rarely are used in daily decision making.

People can sense when an organization is rudderless. How?

They simply look at actions. Or to paraphrase James 2:18, Talk is cheap.

Legendary organizational cultures are built by difficult decisions, based on a clear vision. The Why is the boss.

But I’m a visionary leader!

(Translation: You get bored and love the excitement of new ideas. Your staff is burned out and rudderless.)

Every week you’ll be asked about some new “must-do” idea. Most of these suggestions will be terrific—but that’s also why most new businesses, nonprofits, and churches self-destruct. They try to be all things to all people.

In an effort to stay ahead of the competition, my past businesses were always temped to stretch outside our competencies. And the ministry I helped lead was almost derailed by well-intentioned forays into dozens of distractions. The amount of effort we expelled, and the amount of pressure we exerted on people, was huge. And fruitless.

Say, No thanks.

People respect an organization that’s clear about their purpose and sticks to their focus. Our society is starving for dependability and stability.

You can’t have positive brand positioning when you’re chasing lots of “good” ideas at the expense of your great idea.

People in your organization, and your donors, will appreciate focused, consistent leadership, where words and actions paint a clear picture.

Why does your organization exist?

I challenge you to answer that question, and dare you to stick with the vision – on an hourly basis!


Mike Loomis helps people launch their dream projects and books. Since starting and selling two businesses, he’s strategic partner to bestselling authors, global non-profits, startups, and aspiring messengers. Check out site at www.MikeLoomis.CO


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