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Investing in The Leadership By Tami Heim

Christian Leadership AllianceInvesting in the leadership of a nonprofit is the most significant way to ensure the success of the organization.

By Tami Heim ~

On this annual Giving Tuesday, nonprofits from across the country and around the world are seeking support to fuel their work. There are many worthy causes represented with each heartfelt ask. In some cases, there are people desperately in need and waiting for what the nonprofit stands to provide.

There are more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the United States today. While there is no accurate count of how many of these organizations identify themselves as faith-based ministries or nonprofits, we know that more than 26% of all human services provided in the US are provided by faith based organizations. According to Charity Navigator, an estimated seven percent of the US Gross Domestic Product is created by nonprofit organizations. Clearly, nonprofit organizations are vital to the economy of the United States.

For faith based organizations and ministries, there exists a purpose higher than meeting the immediate needs of those served; that purpose is to bring those served into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ. But, while pursuing this purpose, a challenge emerges—how to serve and represent Christ well. There is a need for both leadership development and skill development to meet the needs of those being served.

Today, Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) invites you to think differently about your #GivingTuesday donation. We invite you to give in a way that strengthens the operational leadership effectiveness of the men and women who serve in Christ-centered nonprofit organizations.

Why? Because we believe that it is the character, skills and knowledge of these leaders that will ultimately determine their organizational outcomes and impact in the world. At CLA, we believe the outcomes that unites us is the one that transforms the world for Christ.

CLA’s leadership training experiences and resources integrate organizational excellence with a Biblical worldview.

The CLA board established the Future Leaders Fund so leaders could have access to scholarships for training that would equip them to lead with God-honoring excellence.

Here are some of the scholarships a donation to the Future Leader Fund supports:

  • CLA Membership and all the resources and benefits that come with it
  • Attendance at the Outcomes Conference, the most comprehensive leadership-training event of its kind
  • Tuition for the CLA Outcomes Academy Online, dynamic 10-week training courses that focus on critical skills
  • Registration for the Outcomes365 yearlong intensive program that builds operational effectiveness and senior leadership perspective
  • Participation in the Outcomes Mentoring Network where wise guides meet leaders at the point of greatest need and work to advance them to a higher level of performance

Now is your opportunity to stand for great Christ-centered leadership in our world.

Christian Leadership Alliance – Future Leaders Fund

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Thanks for investing in Christ-centered leaders. Your investment in their leadership is the most profound way to support the ministries and organizations they serve!


Tami Heim is the president and CEO of Christian Leadership Alliance.

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