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Preparing for the New Year By Tami Heim

Christian Leadership AllianceHow are you preparing for the new year?

By Tami Heim ~

We are days away from the start of the new year. For many this is a time of reflection and planning for the future. Leaders have many ways of processing the past and understanding its impact on who they are and what they are becoming.

What we do know to be true, is that reflection is good for the soul. The practice of remembering significant benchmarks and how we have allowed and seen God work in and through us can change everything about how we see what is ahead for us. We serve a God that longs for us to remember all that he has done for us.

As Christian leaders it is extremely powerful to add to this time of  assessment prayer, reading God’s Word and quietly waiting before him.  This is where Christian leaders allow the inside work of the Holy Spirit to happen. And it could very well lead to unexpected conviction, needed confession and sincere repentance.  What a sacred opportunity for us to allow God to alter our hearts on the altar of grace.  When we attend to the issues of the heart, we are often given fresh revelation and newly inspired vision.

As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart. ~ Psalm 27:19

Today we offer you seven different approaches and thoughts about  how to look back and move forward. Sometimes you just need to know the right questions to get started. Perhaps after reviewing these posts you will find one that fits you perfectly or be inspired to create your own method of evaluation.

  1. The One Thing I Do at the End of Each Year by Tim Elmore
  2. 20 Questions to Help You Reflect on this Past Year by Paul Sohn
  3. Seven Questions to Ask about Last Year by Michael Hyatt
  4. A Top 10 List of Year End Questions by Michael E. Angler
  5. 60-Minutes of Year End Reflections by Dr. Steve Brown
  6. It’s a Good Time to Remember, Reflect and Resolve from All Good Things for Good
  7. 10 Questions to Help You Reflect on Your Year and Prepare for the Next by Craig Jarrow

 My prayer for you is that have an incredible time before the Lord.  I want him to show you clearly where he is at work in your life and deepen your desire to seek him first in all things. I pray you will align completely with his pure and perfect will.

If you have some other resources that you’ve used or believe would be helpful, please share them here. The CLA Higher Thinking Blog is a place where iron sharpens iron!


Tami Heim is the president & CEO of Christian Leadership Alliance.

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