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Stewards of God's Children By Howard Rich

 Stewards of God’s Children

By Howard Rich ~

My daughter’s wedding was this weekend, and it provided me with an incredible lesson on stewardship and God’s children. She is twenty-two years old, and I have been praying for her husband since before she was a teenager.

When I began praying for the young man she would marry, I had absolutely no idea who he was or where he lived, but I was certain God knew him. During that period of my life I would go on long walks during the middle of the night so I could pray under the stars. As I looked up at the sky I was forced to realize how tiny I was and how vast God’s domain was in comparison. Under that amazing canopy, I would lift up this unknown young man and ask that his dad was teaching him how to be a man and how to lead my daughter well. I would pray for his mother to care for him, but also to know when to let him go from her nest.

As the years rolled by, I became acutely aware of my role as a steward in relation to my daughter. I was her daddy, but she didn’t belong to me. She was under my care and protection, yet I knew my abilities to watch over her were limited. As I would bump up against these limitations, I was comforted by knowing God’s reach is not bound.

When I gave my daughter to her husband in marriage this weekend, I was passing her care from me to him, and there is no greater treasure entrusted to us from God. My duty and pleasure from this point forward is to pray that her husband will steward God’s creation well, and that this young man will point my daughter to Christ at every point, knowing he is a conduit of God’s love and care in this new family.

What stewardship responsibility are you passing on today?


Howard Rich is the VP of Operations for the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS).

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