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CLA Founder's Council Member: Batts Morrison Wales & Lee

The BMWL Team: Julie W. James, Michael M. Lee, Kimberly D. Morrison, Michele M. Wales, and Michael E. Batts

Announcing CLA’s New Founder’s Council Member!

Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) is pleased to announce new Founder’s Council member, Batts Morrison Wales & Lee (BMWL). A Founder’s Council (Platinum level) membership signals the highest membership commitment to equipping and uniting leaders called to transform the world for Christ. When asked about their decision to support the Alliance at this level of membership Michael E. Batts, managing partner, said,

“We are very pleased to join CLA as a Founder’s Council member to assist CLA in its important mission.  We look forward to opportunities to strengthen each other.  We are also eager to bring strong and unique information, resources, and perspectives to CLA and its members to support them in their Kingdom work.”

Financial Excellence

BMWL is a national CPA firm dedicated exclusively to providing truly excellent professional services to organizations that make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of people. They have a highly experienced and motivated team of professionals, all of whom share a common passion for serving churches, ministries, and other nonprofit organizations. They have that passion because they believe in the causes and purposes of their clients, and they have made it their life’s work to help them successfully carry out their missions.

They believe in “Going the Second Mile” for their clients. Accordingly, they are committed to providing a level of service that exceeds their clients’ expectations – a philosophy that is woven into every aspect of their work. Their goal is to bring significant added and unexpected value to every organization they serve, and to do so cost-effectively.

BMWL national headquarters is located in Orlando, and they serve clients with offices and activities throughout the United States and in many other countries of the world.  They have the great privilege of serving churches and ministries of all sizes, from start-up organizations to some of the largest and most well known churches and ministries in the United States.  Nonprofit leaders know them across the country for their dedication to helping churches, ministries, and other nonprofit organizations ensure that their financial bases are covered.  They have a uniquely strong approach to providing their clients’ leaders with real assurance and proactive information.

From their annual national conference attended by hundreds of nonprofit leaders, to the books they have written and provide (at no charge) to their clients on nonprofit governance and financial topics, to sample policies, educational whitepapers, special alerts, web briefings, and the numerous other resources they offer, their proactive approach to providing clients with helpful information is unparalleled.

Summary of Services

BMWL offers organizations a wide array of professional auditing, tax, advisory, and related services. They are prepared to help you:

  • Maintain strong donor trust and confidence,
  • Produce highly effective financial reports,
  • Strengthen internal controls and financial oversight,
  • Improve overall risk management,
  • Maximize your tax exemptions,
  • Protect your tax-exempt status,
  • Provide board member governance orientation and training, and
  • Simplify your financial administration.

For simplicity, BMWL coordinates all services through their national headquarters office. Their motto is:

You serve a higher purpose. We strengthen knowledge, confidence, and stewardship to advance your mission.

Discover the BMWL Difference


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Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) exists to equip and unite its members through shared learning experiences that include Christ-centered leadership training, spiritual inspiration, networking and personal encouragement. Leaders professionally and spiritually flourish by actively participating in the annual Outcomes Conference, the quarterly Outcomes Academy, and the vibrant communities found in the Outcomes Community Network. CLA fuels higher thinking through its publications and numerous 24/7 digital resources. Discover more and find the membership level right for you and your organization.


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Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We are the leaders of Christ-centered organizations who are dedicated to faithful stewardship for greater kingdom impact.

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