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CLA Founder's Council Member: Christian Community Credit Union

Announcing CLA Founder’s Council Member   Christian Community Credit Union

 Christian Leadership Alliance is delighted to introduce and share information with you about one of its newest Founder’s Council members, Christian Community Credit Union (CCCU). A Founder’s Council (Platinum) membership is a firm commitment to the Alliance and its mission. Those at this level care deeply about investing in leaders called to transform the world for Christ.

When Dave Estridge, CCCU’s Interim CEO, was asked about their decision to renew their membership at the CLA Founder’s Council level, he said,

“It is our desire to partner with a like-minded organization like CLA that exists to equip and unite Christian leaders for greater Kingdom gain. We like the idea of providing our leadership team with the resources and learning experiences that integrate organizational effectiveness with a Biblical worldview. Our desire is also to serve fellow CLA members with financial services that will better equip them in fulfilling their missions.”

Now CLA wants you to know more about CCCU and how they support ministries and their missions!


 CCCU focus’s on people not profits. They help build God’s Kingdom by partnering with individuals and ministries to help them manage their money in a God-honoring way. The money you deposit helps provide affordable loans to churches, ministries, and their members. Whether it’s constructing or remodeling a new church building or funding a home loan, your money is working in the Christian community. Plus, when you use their credit and debit cards for purchases, you are giving to missions. To date, the Credit Union has donated more than $4.5 million to ministry and missions projects in the U.S. and around the globe.


 60 years ago, a handful of American Baptist ministers joined together to form a credit union whose mission was to help its members grow their money and become better stewards. What initially began as a small local cooperative of Baptist ministers has grown to become a full service financial institution serving evangelical Christian individuals and ministries nationwide. In addition to providing competitive banking products, the credit union has partnered with members to expand God’s kingdom through The Cards That Give to Missions.


CCCU’s passion is to expand God’s kingdom; their vehicle is partnerships with ministries like yours. Every time your ministry uses Christian Community Credit Union for its banking needs, it helps other ministries build churches, expand ministry, and reach out to the lost. The more money placed on deposit with Christian Community Credit Union, the more they can serve. Partner with CCCU and know your money is at work building God’s kingdom.

Services for Ministries

 CCCU is a full-service financial institution operated by Christian principles. They share the values of CLA members, support ministries, and put your money to work in Kingdom-building projects. You can count on them to provide you with professional, personalized, and God-honoring service. Here is a summary of services they provide:

Membership and Benefits

 Most of us want to be a part of something significant, to make a positive difference. Membership with CCCU provides that opportunity. Their team takes their stewardship of your resources seriously and  their  committed to:

  • Honor God in how we serve you.
  • Exceed your expectations.
  • Appreciate our partnership.
  • Recognize your needs and recommend the best possible solution.
  • Treat your requests in a timely and confidential manner.

If you are already a member, they are deeply grateful you are.

If you are not yet a member, give them a call or click here and let them know how they can serve you!


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