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Why You Need An Employment Lawyer By Jon Pankhurst

Six Reasons Why You Need an Employment Lawyer

Lawyers come in different fields of specializations and one type of specialized lawyer is in the area of employment. This type involves the relationship between an employer and an employee in terms of the legal technicalities binding the two. Employment lawyers are experts when it comes to technical issues in the workplace, and can assist you in coming up with appropriate solutions or plan of action.

The ultimate goal of an employment lawyer is to safeguard the rights of the employees and simultaneously ensure that their employers are not being taken for granted. The balance between the two ensures a harmonious relationship and incidentally creates a more efficient working environment for the parties involved.

Some of the areas overseen by these lawyers include the following:

  1. Employment discrimination
  2. Overall health, wellness, and industrial safety
  3. Observance of the articles stated in the employment contract like wages, paid hours and benefits
  4. Technical disputes between employees and management

Below are the 6 reasons why you need an employment lawyer:

(1) Drafting and reviewing employment contracts

Employment contracts are very sensitive matters, both for employers and employees. This is the jump off point of any professional relationship. Employment lawyers have often been consulted prior to the release, acceptance and approval of the documents. They assess if the items included in the contract abide by the laws governing the particular business. They also see to it that the deals are just and professionally acceptable. Some of the items they need to see are the rates, leave compensation, the job description of the employees and other benefits, if any.

(2) Reviewing and negotiating a change in employment terms

Once an employment contract has been signed, changes in the terms often undergo a systematic process. There are some legal issues employers need to address when they need to add and/or remove items in the contract or change any underlying circumstances previously agreed upon. Employment lawyers play a significant role in the process. They need to make sure that the employees are being treated fairly and none are being compromised when the modifications are implemented.

(3) Analyzing and strategizing issues in the workplace

Disputes in the workplace are unavoidable. These may involve coworkers or management. These may be on an interpersonal level or could be situational. Regardless of the cause or the circumstance, disputes need to be addressed wisely. Employment lawyers are the best resource to ensure that these disagreements are handled accordingly.

(4) Development and implementation of workplace policies

Every employment has its own set of rules and regulations. The policies are developed by the management with the guidance of employment lawyers to guarantee that the things stipulated therein are within the confines of the law.

(5) Assistance and guidance in the resolution of disputes

Most problems in the workplace can be resolved using a systematic process that needs to be followed. Given this, employment lawyers can come in handy when it comes to giving people guidance as to how exactly they are supposed to go through the procedure. If the people involved need to be represented, the lawyers can render their service too.

(6) Terminations and negotiating exit packages

At one point or another, employees and employers may be faced with issues of serving severance pay, early retirement, retrenchment, redundancy and the like. Employment lawyers are there to make sure that these things are served right and just.


Jon Pankhurst works in marketing team at Loch Employment Law – The Employment Lawyers firm in the UK. He is fond of reading, writing & meeting people. In a former life, Jon worked as a content specialist and has good knowledge about employment policies & law.

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