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Steward Leaders in Times of Uncertainty By R. Scott Rodin


Ten Reasons Why Steward Leaders are Prepared to Lead in Times of Uncertainty

We are living in a time of growing aggression and hostility toward the Gospel and toward those who seek to faithfully follow Jesus and lead in His name. We believe God is raising up steward leaders for such a time as this. Steward leaders are uniquely prepared to lead in times of cultural opposition, ecclesiastical accommodation and moral decline. Here are ten reasons to believe this and a prayer for God to help us become such leaders.


(1) LET go of reputation and lead with integrity. They are not tempted by opportunities for image-building or burdened with protecting reputation. They are freed to ask the right questions, hear the truth and make hard and healthy kingdom decisions. God, equip us to be leaders of no reputation.[1]

(2) BUILD others up by giving away power. They delight in the success of those around them. They absorb criticism with dignity and deflect praise with joy. God, prepare us in this way to be leaders for your service.

(3) SEEK affirmation from only one source. They are not distracted by the pursuit of worldly acclamation but yearn for the applause of nail-scared hands. They will pay the price for speaking truth because they work for the One who is the Truth. God, create in us such a passion to serve you.

(4) DIE to their self that they may live and lead in His name. They die to the need to be right, best, liked, applauded and promoted. They simply seek to be faithful. They are leaders who delight in joyful obedience regardless of the cost. God, transform our spirit that we may delight in joyful obedience.

(5) COME when called and leave when told. They are not owners of their position or office. They step into leadership because you call them and leave when you tell them to. They are free because they find their identity in you not the position they hold. God, set us free to be such leaders

(6) KNOW that victory starts with surrender. They want only to be obedient to God’s leading for them and the welfare of the people they lead. They know this requires them to surrender their own will and seek after that which serves the kingdom. God, give us the integrity for such surrender.

(7) LEAD with courageous humility. They hold these two traits in tension and never compromise on either. They are free to lead with both selfless courage and noble humility. God, guide all of us who lead down this two-fold path.

(8) DO what is right and trust God with the outcomes. They are honest without compromise, honor their adversaries, admit when they are wrong, refuse to delight in the misfortunes of their enemies, listen to those with whom they disagree and speak the truth with grace. God, help us be leaders who can so shape our ecclesial and national dialogue.

(9) LIVE and lead with outrageous generosity. They give freely and without need for recognition. They abhor greed and model for others the heart of a joyful steward. By doing so, they create cultures of selfless generosity. God, help us be leaders with such generous hearts.

(10) REDEFINE success for their people. They are free to lead people to greater heights of service, selflessness, generosity, peacemaking, community, honesty, integrity and forgiveness. They redefine success in these terms and by doing so help reform and renew a ministry, church, society and culture. God, we so desperately need such leaders. Start with me, today.

As we embrace this way of the steward leader, we will be equipped to stand firm in the whirlwind of cultural hostility and ecclesiastical conformity. As we walk this journey of a steward leader, we can be confident the God who called us will be faithful to empower us daily for the work of His kingdom for His glory.

Reference: [1] This wording is taken from Dr. Rodin’s booklet, “Becoming a Leader of No Reputation” available as a free ebook at


Dr. R. Scott Rodin as been in not-for-profit leadership and consulting for twenty-five years. He has served as counsel to over 100 organizations across the country and in Canada and Great Britain including colleges, seminaries, schools, churches, para-church ministries and other not-for-profit organizations. This contains excerpts from his latest book, The Seventh Key (Kingdom Life Publishing, 2015).

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