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At the Core By Howard Rich

Steward leader development is at the core of it all.

At the core of a steward leader is the knowledge that everything in his care is owned by God, and merely on loan for a short time. This recognition of true ownership compels the steward to move himself out of the way and joyfully develop the talent and leadership of those God has placed under his stewardship. Otherwise, he runs the risk of being identified with the wicked steward in the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30).

To neglect the development of God’s people is unwise and selfish.

Leadership development for Christian organizations should reflect the values of Scripture, servanthood, stewardship, and God honoring ethical behavior. Development of leadership and talent go hand-in-hand; therefore, as individual talent matures and workers connect with positions correlating to their talents, leadership qualities are recognized and properly deployed.

Steward-led teams create value by allowing individuals on the team to lead from their areas of strength, rather than relying on the talents of one person; responsibility and accountability do not rest with one individual, but are instead distributed throughout the team. This also means decision-making authority and power are spread out, empowering members of the team to effectively accomplish their tasks.

Hierarchical models of leadership at the top of an organization will cease to dominate; a leadership team, with shared leadership responsibilities, will replace traditional styles of leadership where one person holds the top position.

By embracing a steward mindset, leaders will nurture cooperation within their organization.

As a leader, will you deny yourself in order to develop the stewards God has entrusted into your care?


Howard Rich is the VP of Operations for the Network of International Christian Schools (NICS).

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