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A NEW Church Compensation Tool By Caitlin Edwards

Church Law & Tax to Launch New Church Compensation Tool

For more than 10 years, Church Law & Tax has been creating the Compensation Handbook for Church Staff to help churches better understand fair pay for those serving in ministry. The book has helped countless churches plan compensation packages. But it’s become clear a physical book is no longer the best way to share this data.

That’s why the Compensation Handbook is getting an upgrade.

ChurchSalary will launch this summer—a brand-new website to help churches set compensation with confidence and help church staff know their pay is fair.

If you work for a church, you’ll have the opportunity to receive personalized salary reports letting you know salary ranges for your position and breakdowns of how characteristics, such as education, years of service, and so on, affect compensation. You’ll get information on your specific role, along with information about your location, in order to help you gauge the fairness of your pay.

When using ChurchSalary, you’ll have access to our salary calculator and local cost of living comparisons, be able to compare the pay of non-ministry jobs with your current role, and have a better understanding of the why and how of church compensation.

The hope is that this information will create beneficial conversations between churches and their staffs, giving churches a healthy way to understand compensation in the church setting.

If ChurchSalary sounds like a tool you’ll want to use, then please take the National Church Compensation Survey!

And for giving five minutes of your time to take the survey, you’ll also receive a free gift.

The survey powers the tool, and your input about your current church compensation will help create a more robust tool for you—and others in ministry—to use.

Today I want to invite you to check out the ChurchSalary Coming Soon Page, which will give you even more details about the tool.

Sign up today, you’ll be the first to know when ChurchSalary goes live this summer!


Caitlin Edwards is the Marketing Coordinator at Christianity Today.


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