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Christian Leadership Alliance Member Spotlight: Westfall Gold

Christian Leadership Alliance Founder’s Council Member: Westfall Gold

Westfall Gold is the nation’s leading innovator and implementer of major donor events with a proven history of more than 360 events that have generated $750 million. These event weekends bond your major donors to your mission by condensing a year’s worth of cultivation into one extraordinary, transformational experience.

The Westfall Gold major donor event strategy has been developed and refined over the last 20 years. Through constant research, donor feedback, and innovation, we have fine-tuned the experience to create the best possible environment for bonding donors to your vision. And the results speak for themselves.

5:1 ROI

Westfall Major Donor Events average a 5:1 return on investment—some lower, many much higher. But that is just for a single event. In-depth analysis conducted by a Westfall Gold client, measuring results from seven events over a six-year period, credited their events with a 10:1 ROI.

3.5 Day Cultivation Cycle

Typically, major donor cultivation requires 12-18 months  of “moves management” from the time you meet a prospect until you receive commitment for a significant gift. Our event strategy compresses all those “touches”, and reduces the cultivation timeframe to just three and a half days!

300% Increase In Giving

When your current donors really connect with your mission and with other donors that share their passion for your work, their giving increases. Our goal is to see giving from your current major donors increase by 300%.

50-80% Conversion Rate

The content of a properly managed major donor weekend is so rich, and so inspiring, that donors typically become ambassadors—inviting their friends and colleagues to subsequent events. The result is that by the third event, more than 50% of attendees are new to your organization. And more than 50% of those newly acquired partners will be elevated to major donor status over the course of the weekend.

Building Community

A Westfall event delivers incredible value in terms of building community with and among your donors. As you watch the weekend unfold, you’ll see a deep bond develops between you and your donors, and between the donors themselves. It’s that connection that fuels affinity for your organization and increases the desire to support your mission.

Christian Leadership Alliance encourages you to learn more and visit the Westfall Gold website!



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