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Trust and Funding By Randy Brewer

Securing Trust and Funding in a Secular World

As a fellow leader of a faith-first organization, I understand and feel the challenges that you are facing every day. The secular world is becoming more antagonistic to your mission. And even the faith-based communities can be somewhat fractured in their values and response to Christian outreach.

I travel throughout the U.S. and around the world, seeing first-hand the tremendous good that faith-first organizations are doing. It breaks my heart to  know that these incredible efforts could be expanded – indeed maximized – with more strategically focused communication.

Getting Behind the Development Curtain

In support of that goal, our team at Brewer Direct embarked on mission to better

understand the challenges you and your colleagues in the faith-first community  face with your messaging to donors and other stakeholders. We commissioned respected research firm Analytical Ones for a nationwide study, which encompassed both qualitative and quantitative research.

The project began with in-depth interviews of Christian development leaders between July and August of 2018 in which respondents were asked questions such as:

  • What keeps you up at night?
  • Is there value in partnering with agencies who share your Christian values?
  • What is your ideal relationship when working with a fundraising partner?
  • What fund-raising tasks do you feel could be accomplished just as well in house?
  • How do you know which agency to choose?

What We Found

After tabulating qualitative responses, Analytical Ones used the findings to design an online survey deployed to professionals across the Christian fundraising spectrum. You can see a snapshot of what we learned in this downloadable white paper.

The content identifies and summarizes several factors that are influencing giving flows today. The insights and data are being shared to help charities find a more sustainable – and often, elusive – wellspring of financial support.

Putting It Into Context

I’ve spent most of my entire professional life seeking to understand and tap into what makes supporters step up and help faith-first organizations. I’ve discovered that it’s more than just “fundraising.” It has to do with what we call “releasing generosity.” This expansive effort opens floodgates of abundance to maximize God’s work in the world.

It’s  my  hope that you overcome your own unique challenges… and build relationships that will help you multiply your support base. My fervent prayer is that you communicate more effectively and release generosity with those who have embraced your own unique vision to help a hurting world.


Randy Brewer is Founder, President and CEO of Brewer Direct, a faith-first nonprofit fundraising agency that serves Christian charities globally. Author of the inspirational book Finding My Voice, Randy also serves as Vice Chairman for African Enterprise USA and is an active member of International Full Gospel Fellowship.


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