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The Annual Report Contest By Randon Samelson

Your Annual Report Bridges the Gap

Counsel & Capital strongly believes that the single most important tool for a ministry to build a bridge of confidence with major donors is the annual report.  Most ministries do not produce an Annual Report and those that do rarely connect with their audience in a meaningful way.

To shift this reality and inspire excellence, Counsel and Capital have announced a contest to reward the best of the best in Annual Reports. And any Christian church or nonprofit ministry whose vision is commanded in Scripture may apply for this contest!


There is $75,000 in funds available to award ministries that win the contest.

Best Overall Annual Report $50,000

  • We believe that a clear, transparent, and inspiring report is a form of ministry to the donor community.

Best Letter from the CEO $12,500

  • The letter from the CEO is the most effective means by which the ministry leader can communicate a sense of passion about the mission.

Most Effective Focus $12,500

  • In order to maximize impact, a ministry needs to maintain focus on its central mission. We believe a ministry should have three “business units” that it focuses on.


This is easy to do, once your annual report is completed.

  1. Submit your ministry information and (when completed) a PDF of your Annual Report for the fiscal year ending between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019.
  2. Include your Statement of Faith.
  3.  Mail two hard copies of your annual report to:

Counsel & Capital

2 N. Cascade Ave., Suite 590

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

 Visit the website to link to the online application.

If you are among the top 20 applicants, we will ask you to send several hard copies of your annual report (if available…if not, we will distribute PDF copies to our panel of judges). This request will not likely be until after the deadline.


  • Submission Deadline:    October 1, 2019
  • Winners Announced:      On or before November 22, 2019

Please be sure to review the Elements of an Effective Annual Report. Follow these directions and you will not only be a strong contender for the contest, but you will speak the language that connects to a donor’s mind and heart!


Randon Samelson is the founder of COUNSEL & CAPITAL, a nonprofit “investment bank” serving Christians pursuing biblical priorities, free of charge. He has forty years of investment and nonprofit leadership experience and is the author of the book Breakthrough: Unleashing the power of a proven plan


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