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Enduring the Worst Day of Your Life By Matt Fore

How Do You Endure the Worst Day of Your Life?

Why is it in life you always get in the wrong line at the department store? It was the shortest one and seemed like a good idea but, as usual, you’re behind a lady who is looking through a pocketbook/file cabinet for a two-dollar coupon. You’ll never make it on time.

Things move a bit quicker in the longer line until the guy in front of you begins the gut-wrenching process of writing a check. “Where is that checkbook anyway? It’s always in the last place you look,” he says with a grin. It’s hard to smile back.

A string of frustrations are typically what people mean when they say they’ve had their worst day ever. But no so for Leonard. We’ll call him Leonard so you won’t know his real name is Fred.

It was a lovely morning until he got the phone call from his father. A “friend” had embezzled over two hundred thousand dollars from the family business. What a shock. How do you carry on after that? He had a full-time job in addition to the business and the thievery was all he could think about during the day. Until he got fired later that afternoon.

As he discussed his double misfortune with his wife that evening, she decided to share her news as well; she was filing for divorce. He should have stayed in bed that day.

Maybe you can relate. You see the potential of your world crumbling in a short period of time. What would you do? You say you don’t think you could make it, that you would fall apart.


Here are four ways to help you manage your worst possible day.

Write it out.

When you consider your worst-case scenario, write out what you would do. Don’t just think about it, get your ideas on paper. There’s something therapeutic about transferring worry from your brain to paper.

Later, as the threats of problems enter your mind, you can recall that you have already worked through each scenario as best you can. No need to rehash.

Speak it out.

A wise man once said that the best way to get the benefit from the scriptures is to speak the words of God out loud. They travel from your lips to your ears and into your heart where they grow, much like a mustard seed.

It’s hard to feel afraid while you confidently speak; “Behold God is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid” Isaiah 12:2 NASB. A page full of such affirmations spoken every morning and throughout the day, can’t help but increase your level of faith.


The reason the acts of God on man’s impossible situations are not all written out is because such a collection of books would likely leave the earth with no trees.

This isn’t a new God you are dealing with. He’s the same one that cures cancer, delivers the most unlikely finances and provides a way where there is none.

When you remember His goodness and offer thanks for what He has done, it creates a sweet aroma of faith that ascends upward and gives the Father the warm fuzzies. Now you’re really on your way to a higher plane.

Look for it.

When you order a new pair of tennis shoes online, you wait in hope until they arrive. They are yours from the instant you click the ‘Buy” button. They are paid for and you can enjoy them even before they show up. In the next few days when you step in a puddle and get your feet wet, you only smile as you think about the package that will soon sit on your door step.

That’s the “bible” kind of hope. It’s an expectation. God’s words are at least as reliable as an online delivery service. Look up, look forward, look beyond where you are to the place where God is taking you.

The fact that Leonard was a mental health professional during his crisis was a bonus but it was his faith that pulled him through. His work had always been rewarding but the trials gave his counseling new meaning.

Though it took time through a process of grief and angst, God’s restorative work in his life so transformed him that he developed a burning desire to bring his message to the masses. Perhaps this article will assist to some degree.

God even brought a new love into Leonard’s life. He says she’s just a friend.



Matt Fore is a humorist, speaker and comedy magician who serves as the main stage performer for corporate as well as Christian conferences and Churches around the country as he has for the past twenty five years. To learn more visit Matt’s website!

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