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Get Ready for a Revolution of Generosity By Rich Haynie

Join the Revolution!

Each of us on the OC Stewardship Ministries Team has chosen to be involved in what we call, “a revolution in generosity”. The US citizen has contributed 2-3% annually to charity overour 200+ years of existence. To improve this, we believe that a movement must take place with our partners; that we as a department involved with partner relations must shift our focus from asking, and increased asking, to helping Christians be rich toward God by honoring God with their possessions.

This will require literally a “Revolution in Generosity”.

The movement we are supporting is an effort to move away from the commonly used transactional approach to raising money and toward a more biblical approach of transforming hearts.

It replaces manipulative techniques and closing strategies with a dependence on prayer and relationship-building as the essential tools for success.

We are challenging you to join the revolution by reading these messages and engaging with some of the resources we give you. The goal: biblically based partner development.

We hope and pray this will bless you and your partners as it has blessed us.


Rich Haynie is currently the Senior Director of Stewardship Ministries at One Challenge International.  He served 24 years in the United States Air Force and has been helping Christian non-profits find resources for their Kingdom work for 35 years.


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