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Brand Clarity with One Website Hack By Scott Wennermark

3 Organizations Finding Brand Clarity with One Website Hack

With almost 2 billion websites in existence, how can an organization’s brand and website stand out in the crowded landscape? Many organizations have solved this problem by finding a digital home in a new neighborhood.

Domain names that are clear, unique and strategic, are more easily found.

Taking a note from Chris Stokel-Walker at Wired, countless organizations have embraced technology and change by claiming digital real estate on a not-com domain:

“Forget dot com…tailor-made domain name endings are on the rise.”

Take a look at these three well-known organizations and how they’ve positioned themselves in their new digital homes.


When Christian Leadership Alliance had to find a home for their transformational certificate leadership experience, they looked to a not-com: .BIBLE.

Providing professional development to more than 150,000 Christ-centered leaders each year, the Alliance created the Outcomes Leadership Core Powered by Lead Like Jesus certificate program. This program was designed to maximize leader’s impact by a focus on a leader’s head, heart, hands, and habits. By incorporating Lead Like Jesus principles into every aspect of leadership, the Alliance is providing support and experiences for men and women don’t want to just be great leaders, but leaders who lead like Christ.

Creating a digital home for this resource on Leadership.Bible branded the project concisely, combining the two critical components of leadership and the Bible.


Ranking #1 on the search engine results pages, Planning Center took advantage of their home on a not-com to simplify their focus and branding.

With more than 50,000 churches on board, there’s a good chance your church uses Planning.Center, a suite of cloud-based applications, for planning, scheduling and managing programs and events.

Previously found at, the popular online service has grown exponentially in the past 12+ years. When they were ready to launch a massive upgrade in 2016, the tech-focused company decided it was an opportune time to simplify and focus on branding, from logos to domain name, moving to a digital home at Planning.Center.

There was no fanfare and no big announcement. It just switched and started redirecting. Things kept working and people kept using the software. New people kept signing up for the software; no negative impact.


With a 1st page search result, Lusso proved that a move to a more relevant and streamlined site was worth the effort.

Lusso, around for more than 3 decades, is a cyclewear manufacturer and supplier based in the UK. Now, the cycle clothing manufacturer hasn’t skipped a beat, being lauded as an esteemed apparel brand, and consistently lands at the top of cyclewear lists.

By taking a chance on a new top-level domain, Lusso demonstrated a commitment to the latest in technology, whether it’s with their digital presence or with their high-tech garments, which reflect the latest in sportswear technology.


Are you a Bible-based organization? Make your updated digital home on the .BIBLE top-level domain.

To date, .BIBLE has seen more than 1,500 churches, non-profits, and Bible studies choose our top-level domain as their home on the web.

Claim digital real estate in the .BIBLE namespace and get your catchy, inspiring, best domain name, but also:

  • A domain name that provides instant association with your mission
  • A domain name with strong, brand-related potential
  • A memorable, unique website name on the top-level domain of .BIBLE.


By downloading our free e-book, you can get the details on other organizations who’ve found homes on not-com domains. Be sure to check out the story behind the NewLife.Bible app!

Want to learn how you can you make sure your organization or church gets noticed?​ Check out 6 Expert Ways to Be Found.

If you’re ready to make a lasting impact from the moment they type your URL, you can register for your new digital home on the .BIBLE top-level domain.


Scott Wennermark is the Director of Strategic Advancement for the American Bible Society. He is the founder of the .BIBLE top-level domain (, which is helping to shape the future of the Internet by creating a new space for Bible-inspired content. He is also a driving force behind the Digital .BIBLE Project which aims to help 1.2 billion people gain access to scriptures in their own languages online (



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