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Prayer is a Gift from God By Howard Rich

Prayer is a Gift The Father Gives to Each of Us

Prayer is a gift from our Father that allows us to hear and see His heart for relationship with us.  As He works through us to make His name known, He wants to communicate with us personally.  What an amazing privilege we have in prayer.


Take a moment to think about how you connect best with God through prayer.  Do you sit in a chair as you pray, or do you kneel on the floor, or stand with your hands raised?  For me, I love to go for walks in the middle of the night, or right before dawn so I can see the stars and the moon.  On those walks I speak to God as I am humbled by the vastness of space.


As my eyes try to take in the majesty of His creation, I imagine entering the throne room as it is depicted in Revelation 4.  John describes an incredible scene where God is on a throne surrounded by magnificent creatures praising Him continually by saying “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God, the Almighty, who was and who is and who is to come.”  John was seeing things he was nearly unable to explain or describe; this is often how I feel when I pray as I gaze at the expanse of God’s night sky.


God has done a great and wonderful thing by inviting us into conversations with Him through prayer.  As we participate in prayer, God aligns our path to His so we can more clearly see His direction in our lives.


Through prayer, God loves, encourages, reminds, corrects, and rebukes us.  Prayer is an ointment to our soul, bringing us into agreement with the Father’s purposes and will.  It gives us a connection to the giver of life that strengthens us in our walk of faith.


Each of us, as followers of Jesus, are engaged in building our Lord’s kingdom as we fulfill our purpose in the body of Christ.  This is a mission which can only be accomplished through continual prayer as we seek to make him known in a world desperate for the Good News.

As we engage the world around us, let’s participate in the gift of prayer.


Howard Rich is the CFO of Global Disciples.  Howard is a life-long advocate of generous living and desires to see Christians lead from a heart of stewardship and generosity.


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