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Unprecedented By Ed McDowell

Leadership in  Unprecedented Times

We are living and leading in a very unique time with unprecedented challenges.

The Challenges

(1) A pandemic with life and death implications.  In a few short months this pandemic has completely altered the way we live and function. It is changing the way we functionally lead and serve.

(2) A crisis of racism that requires a deep examination and action of the soul, individually and culturally.  Racism is from the pit of hell and needs to be responded to with the full strength of God’s Kingdom, as racism should not be ok in our culture.

(3) An economic shutdown with society altering realities.  Organizations and Individuals everywhere are scrambling to survive the long shut down.  Assumptions, Pivot, and Rapid Response are words that speak to the innovative responses people are trying to navigate with during this time.

The truth is, every one of us are deeply impacted by what is going on.  It is the stuff of 24/7 living, breathing, thinking and sharing.

The Response

How do we lead? What example do we set?   May I humbly suggest a few things from our shared faith in Christ?

(1) Lament and Repent: This is hard.  There is real lament for what is being lost.  Taking time to name the losses are important.  There is also the real need to repent for what is wrong.  Repentance is a powerful word that sorrowfully confesses wrongs and changes the direction of life for what is right.  It is freeing to ask the Lord to help us feel and respond to both.

(2) Listen and Reflect: Resist the need to read, respond and react to everything.  It is exhausting.  Avoid the “opinion culture” of agreement or disagreement.  Instead, take time to listen.  Take time to reflect.  Listen to understand.  Consider starting with this one question before God: “Dear God, what do You want to say to me about all that is going on?  I am listening.”  This takes time.  You can’t rush it. Lean into it.

(3) Love and Restore: Everything about what is going on creates real opportunities to destroy and hate.  This is not God’s way.  God loves and restores.  God does not support evil ever. He does love every person.  Take time to see that people are hurting in powerful ways.  Ask the Lord to bring us the strength of His love and restoring power to live in and through your life today.

The Legacy

Let’s be known as leaders who are incredibly in touch with the heart of God and His great compassion during these times.  May our courage be compassionate. Even in the midst of hard decisions and challenging times, let’s draw people to this incredible God as we lead and serve.

Be reminded that God makes all things new.  Let’s be part of making all things new.


Ed McDowell is the CEO of Warm Beach Camp. He has extensive experience in overseeing and directing ministry organizations, including stewardship development, personnel and organizational management.


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