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Learn about Outrageous Justice by Prison Fellowship Ministries


Outrageous Justice and An Invitation to Learn More

God calls His people to seek justice. But given the complexities of our criminal justice system, how can the followers of Jesus have a clear understanding of the issues and take action to promote peace and restoration?

The Need

To that end, Prison Fellowship has released the Outrageous Justice® small-group curriculum, designed to awaken Christians to the need for justice that restores. Through the study, small groups learn about the challenges in the American and explore how Christians can respond in hands-on ways to pursue justice and bring about true hope, restoration, and healing.

The curriculum weaves current events, biblical context, and personal stories into a compelling conversation. It discusses how to minister to those impacted by crime and incarceration. And it looks at how to influence positive changes in our  system.

The Resources

The materials include a study guide, video teaching segments, and first-person stories of people impacted by crime and incarceration. There is also a companion book that gives in-depth insights. The curriculum talks about everything from why we should be outraged by the injustices of our system to what the Bible says about the topic. It also looks at some of the broader issues facing the system and zooms in on some of the details to help participants really understand the issues.

An Invitation

In this time of unprecedented concern and challenges, Prison Fellowship is committed to determining how we can best support our brothers and sisters in prison. This is an important time that we, as Christians, can stand together and learn ways to serve and advocate for those behind bars.

To that end, Prison Fellowship has an excellent opportunity to participate in an online exploration of God’s heart for justice and discover how to pursue hope and restoration.

Join a Prison Fellowship staff member and others like you for the free Online Outrageous Justice Small Group. Through a series of six interactive Zoom meetings, you will explore this important topic through a biblical lens, learn about current events, and hear personal stories. By the end, you’ll better understand the system and know how to pursue justice and healing where you live.

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Prison Fellowship is the nation’s largest outreach to prisoners, former prisoners, and their families, and a leading voice for criminal justice reform. With more than 40 years of experience helping restore men and women behind bars, Prison Fellowship advocates for federal and state criminal justice reforms that transform those responsible for crime, validate victims, and encourage communities to play a role in creating a safe, redemptive, and just society.


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