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Showcase Friday: People Management & Care Resource

It’s Showcase Friday: People Management and Care

Welcome to Christian Leadership Alliance’ s Showcase Friday series. We recognize in these uncertain times many leaders are identifying pain points and looking for new ways to accomplish all they have been called to do.  Sometimes new paths require new partners and resources.  For the rest of the Fridays this summer, we will showcase service providers that offer ministries valuable support in a variety of areas.

This week we kick off the showcase series with service providers who support the way you manage and care for employees.

APS Payroll

APS – Your Workforce Partner  has a mission: to make payroll and HR easier. They offer more than just intuitive HR and payroll technology, they are your workforce partner who understands your business needs. From the first conversation, they have a vested interest in understanding your payroll and HR needs as well as how their system can best solve those issues.

You’ll collaborate with APS experts who under- stand your business, your challenges, and your goals to maximize the usability of the platform. You’ll also work with an award-winning support team who is just a phone call, email, or support ticket away from answering any questions you may have. They have a responsibility to help you realize your return on investment, strategizing with you to ensure efficiency and adoption of the APS platform. Their automated system works to keep you focused on your church’s mission and future growth. They are APS, your workforce partner.


The Best Christian Workplace Institute is an employee engagement ministry dedicated to helping Christian leaders and organizations achieve their full potential by creating flourishing staff workplaces. Founded in 2002, they help measure and improve the health of organizations through  surveys, 360 Leadership Review process, and consulting services.

They view their work as a ministry and as a result, BCWI is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. BCWI’s ministry partners are passionate about the effectiveness of our work and are willing to share us with their friends!

Christian Healthcare Ministries

Christian Healthcare Ministries has empowered believers to serve one another by sharing each other’s medical bills since 1981—using a definable, accountable and dependable framework. CHM is health cost sharing and an eligible option under the Affordable Care Act. CHM isn’t insurance, and doesn’t use insurance agents. Learn more.

Remodel Health

Remodel Health is the benefits platform designed for faith-based organizations. Their innovative benefits solution can help your organization better steward the resources you have been given and better serve your employees. Their mission is to help you regain and repurpose resources from your health care budget and steward them back into growing your vision. Their team consists of trusted experts and thought leaders in the industry seeking to equip the church and faith-based organizations with better benefits. They focus on your health care so you can focus on your ministry.


VOMO is a radically simple volunteer engagement plat- form empowering businesses, nonprofits, and faith- based organizations to easily connect good people to good causes. VOMO is uniquely built with organizers and volunteers in mind, powering meaningful collaboration and positive brand experiences in the communities they serve. Leaders can activate volunteers, initiate projects, and connect to local organizations for impactful serving opportunities.

Connect your favorite management tools, background check providers, and giving portals with frictionless integrations. Customize your account with logos, campaigns, and local serving opportunities that you’re passionate about. Robust analytics provide tangible data for celebrating the wins and rewarding your team. Users can connect to specific opportunities to use their passions and skills to make a difference. VOMO’s built-in Volunteer ResumeTM collects all service hours and clearly displays how your organization is actively impacting the community, even down to the economic impact.

We Support Ministries

Spend Less — Reach More. Hire new team members who are university educated and have English as their first and official language and save on your current staffing costs. Through their center in Harare Zimbabwe, they provide team members for such things as: Data Entry; Accounting; Video Production; Website Design; Customer Service; Social Media Production; Marketing; Graphic Art; Administrative Support; and much more.

Through We Support Ministries, not only will you get a great employee, you will also be giving the people of Zimbabwe, where unemployment is at 80%, the opportunity to rise out of their non-working status and provide for their families. Additionally, when you partner with We Support Ministries, they give a portion of the proceeds to other Christian ministry organizations around the world.

We encourage you to visit the websites of those we have featured in today’s showcase.

These organizations stand ready to support you and your people management needs!


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