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Showcase Friday: Resource Development

Showcase Friday: Resource Development Consultants & Services


This week, the  Christian Leadership Alliance showcase series focuses on experts in the areas of resource development and fundraising! Next Friday, we will continue a focus on Resource Development and showcase those who specialize in technology that makes giving easy!

Now remember, for the rest of the Fridays this summer, we will showcase different service providers that offer nonprofits valuable support in the business of their ministry.

Let’s take a look at today’s best of the best list.

Barnabas Foundation

Barnabas Foundation offers comprehensive, full-service planned giving support to more than 200 Christian ministries and a network of 800-plus churches. They provide turn-key solutions in the areas of planned giving marketing, administration and management of complex gifts, estate planning, and staff training. Learn more at

DBD Group

DBD Group (formerly Donor By Design) helps faith- based and nonprofit organizations secure the resources they need to thrive. As a team, They have more than 100 years of experience working with and for local, regional and national organizations. That experience translates into strategies, messages and materials that are tailored for you, but have also been road tested through successful campaigns totaling more than $3.5 billion in raised and pledged funds.

Through a variety of services including capital campaign counsel and feasibility studies, as well as strategies to create a culture of generosity in your congregation or community, DBD helps both staff and volunteers secure resources, lead with passion and make a positive impact in the world.


DickersonBakker has an unbroken track record of providing professional consulting services to nonprofit clients for more than thirty years. DickersonBakker has helped hundreds of organizations raise hundreds of millions of dollars through capital campaigns and major gift development programs.

The consultancy works with a wide variety of nonprofits, faith-based and secular, small to large, across the spectrum from those seeking to simply meet individual needs in their local communities to those hoping to make a global impact for eternity. Learn more at

Douglas Shaw and Associates

Douglas Shaw and Associates will work tirelessly to bring you outstanding results and be a real partner in your organization. They promise to always respect your experiences, strive to exceed your expectations, and collaborate with your expertise . . . because that’s what a partner does. They create winning direct response strategies and will celebrate with you the greatest results possible. They’ve built their entire practice on creating the right mix of touchpoints that help ministries and nonprofits connect with people who are seeking a way to be a part of their good work.

Gateway Communications

For over 25 years Gateway Communications has served Christian ministries through telephone fundraising and print/mail production. Gateway strives to develop true partnerships with its ministry clients. Whether through a beautifully printed mailing delivered on time and on budget, or a warm, inviting request for support over the phone, their goal is to be a valuable and trustworthy extension of your ministry. They look forward to meeting and learning how we can serve your ministry in 2020 and beyond.

Great Commission Foundation

Got Canadians? As a registered Canadian charity the Great Commission Foundation is a great solution for U.S. organizations with Canadian donors. Not only can GCF provide full donor services, including official tax receipts for your Canadian supporters, they also open the door for your organization to expand its donor base in Canada.

The process to gain charitable status in Canada takes up to two years and can be costly. With the GCF you can be receiving donations from Canadian supporters within a few weeks. They work exclusively with Christian ministries and projects in a dynamic cooperative relationship. Your ministry can thrive, while their staff provides essential administrative and accounting expertise to enable you to focus on outreach activities and fulfilling the great commission of Jesus Christ.


Innovairre, is a true Fundraising Partner. They are the number one solution provider for both Fundraising agencies and charities all across the world. They specialize in innovative, complex, fully personalized direct-mail campaigns. They produce 1.5 billion packs a year that delivers in 25 countries; and are qualified as a group of committed fundraising and philanthropy lovers and our vision is none other than to impact, change lives and somehow help the world to become a better place. Are you struggling with your direct-mail campaigns? Do you need to grow and sustain your donor database quickly? Innovairre can help you!

Mama Bear Legal Forms

Mama Bear Legal Forms helps non-profit organizations increase charitable bequests by offering their donors a free and easy way to create an online will. Your non- profit organization is highlighted throughout the will creation process. Donors can easily include a bequest to your organization and notify you of their gift.

Mama Bear Legal Forms is nationally endorsed by Dave Ramsey.


Masterworks is a full-service agency that moves hearts and minds to act for faith-based organizations and their causes. With Masterworks, you get both Mission & Mastery. A partner who is missionally-aligned, who deeply cares about the work you have been called to and is walking side by side with you. And you get a partner who brings the best expertise in the nation, a deep team, strategic thinking, and partnership for growth. The most advanced cloud-based technology. And constant innovation to pioneer the future of marketing and fundraising for faith-based ministries.

National Christian Foundation

For almost four decades, the National Christian Foundation (NCF) has come alongside charities and ministries to provide their major donors tax-wise solutions for non-cash giving. Through 30 local teams across the U.S., they help nonprofit leaders create a strategy for receiving major non-cash gifts such as business interests, real estate, and other appreciated assets. For the latest stories, news, and charity resources, visit and sign up for our Saturday 7 email digest. Or connect with your nearest NCF team today at

Nimble Connect

Great development leaders know the power of quality donor appreciation. Nimble Connect allows your organization to show deep and personal gratitude to ALL of your donors, within days of giving. Prayerful, heartfelt phone conversations and personalized pen-written notes create relationships that make your organization the donor’s favorite. You’ll find their simple and cost-effective solutions are the missing piece that you’ve always known you needed, but never thought possible. You have thousands of individual donors – appreciate and pray over each one.

The Timothy Group

The Timothy Group advances Christian organizations by implementing fundraising and capacity building strategies through vision, experience, and leadership. They have worked with more than 1,600 ministries since 1990. Their consultants have over 100 years of combined experience with missions, Christian colleges/universities, seminaries, K-12 schools, and churches. A Timothy Group designed solution will generate enthusiasm, enhance your public image and develop new donor relationships.


We encourage you to visit the websites of those we have featured in today’s showcase. These organizations stand ready to support you and your resource development needs!

All Registration is now officially open for The Outcomes Conference 2021 in Jacksonville, Florida!



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