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The Power of Hope By Howard Rich

Hope as a Believer

Hope, as a central theme for the Christian, is peppered throughout  the New Testament; faith is “being sure of what we hope for” (Heb 11:1), “our hope” is in Christ (1 Tim 1:1), the believer’s devotion is to “the God of hope” (Rom 15:13), hope is “an anchor for the soul” (Heb 6:18-19). The reality, proof, and assurance is seen in the bodily resurrection of Christ following His sacrifice at the crucifixion.


The hope of a believer is experienced in life through an almost painful tension between the past and the future. The believer looks to two events; one in the past and one yet to come. Salvation triumphed through a manager, a cross and an empty tomb, but our eternity with Christ lies ahead in our resurrection. If ever a believer moves out of this tension and embraces the corrupted world around them, calling it home, all is lost.


One of Paul’s purposes in Romans 8:18-31, is to encourage believers, that present circumstances and hardships are reason to hope all the more in the work God began in Christ. Verses 28 through 30 emphasize God as the author of salvation and the one who calls people to Him. God conforms His people into the image of his son; there is more for the Christian.


Previously in Romans, Paul wrote about suffering and that believers will experience persecution for aligning themselves with Christ.  In Romans 8:18-31, Paul is drawing his readers toward an inescapable conclusion: if God takes hold of believers, who can take them from God? Salvation is as secure as it can be, nothing can change what has already been accomplished, namely, Christ’s victory over sin, corruption, and the consequences of that sin.

What wonderful gift from God and the comfort He gives us in times of trouble.  Take a moment and thank Him for being the author of your salvation.


Howard Rich is the CFO of Global Disciples.  Howard is a life-long advocate of generous living and desires to see Christians lead from a heart of stewardship and generosity.

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