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Last-Minute Tips to Prepare for Year End By Ray Gary


Time to Prepare for a Strong Finish to 2020!

With the end of the year approaching, your nonprofit has developed a plan and kicked off your year-end campaign. But this year’s campaign undoubtedly looks different than any you’ve ever launched before. With all of the adjustments and accommodations you’ve had to make for COVID-19, here are some last-minute tips to ensure your year-end campaign goes smoothly and brings your audience hope in an uncertain time. Using the right approach, your nonprofit can raise funds and spirits when closing out the year.


Your campaign will look different this year, and with many people working from home, internal communication is more important than ever. As your campaign launches, take steps to encourage your team to over-communicate during this busy time. Schedule recurring meetings, preferably on a daily basis, to circle up with your team. This will ensure everyone is informed, aligned, and on the same page no matter where they’re working from.

Check the Tone of Your Messaging

As we approach year end, now is a good time to review all of the messaging you’ve developed for your campaign to make sure it is consistent, perceptive, and up to date. This year has been hard. Many people are struggling, and tensions are high. Your messaging needs to be sensitive to this and not easily misinterpreted. But don’t shy away from addressing how COVID-19 has impacted your nonprofit, too. Your audience will be able to relate and ready to help. Offer them a call to action with an easy way to give digitally to your cause.

Add Some Excitement to Virtual Events

With in-person events canceled and family gatherings limited, everyone could use some extra joy and hope this holiday season. When planning your nonprofit’s virtual events, considering incorporating a game, time of worship, or a guest speaker to make donors feel excited and close to your cause, even at a distance. Many nonprofits are repurposing savings from canceled in-person events, like venue and catering expenses, for added fun during virtual events.

This year may require some extra creativity and flexibility from your team, but there is still time to polish your nonprofit’s year-end campaign. Closing out 2020 with a strong year-end campaign will not only help your nonprofit raise funds—you will deepen relationships with donors too. We are all in this together, and your donors will appreciate your faith, leadership, and positivity this season.

Thank them for their support and keep them engaged for an exceptional 2021.


Ray Gary  is the CEO of iDonate, the leading fundraising software provider that exists to grow nonprofits and create a more generous world. Through giving channels such as website, peer-to-peer, text, and events, iDonate allows nonprofits to empower their donors with the personalized experiences they are accustomed to online. Watch this video to learn more!


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