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Invest in Every Christian Leader Thriving

A Call to Invest in the Multiplication of Thriving Leaders

In October 2019,  the Christian Leadership Alliance board of directors changed the Alliance’s mission statement to, “Every Christian Leader Thriving.” This change happened because they envision a world in which all Christian leaders would  steward their lives, resources and callings with Christ-honoring excellence, influence and impact.

The vision is achieved by fulfilling the Alliance’s mission to equip and unite leaders to transform the world for Christ. Leaders truly thrive when they apply practical, biblically-based thought leadership, and experience powerful, Christ-honoring collaboration. Equipped, rooted in God’s Word, and strengthened by community, Christian leaders thrive regardless of the circumstances or the situations they face.


For several years Christian Leadership Alliance has been investigating the types of technology that would enable us to effectively equip future generations of Christian leaders. Only God could chart the way forward and breathe life into the new vision during a pandemic. Be assured that this crisis has not been wasted and as we look back on 2020, we share an extraordinary testimony of God’s faithfulness.


In mid-March, COVID-19 ushered in a transformation of our annual Outcomes Conference. We were blessed and amazed by the unexpected gift of a digital event platform. This unique opportunity inspired 200 Alliance leaders to adapt their traditional “live” conference presentations so they would work inside a virtual experience. The outcome was beyond what we thought possible.


Through the event platform we were able to digitally leverage, expand, and extend professional leadership development across this country and around the world. And it all happened during a time when leadership training and godly wisdom were desperately in demand.

On the second day of Outcomes, I heard about Fadi – a pastor of a church in, of all places, Bethlehem, Israel.  I found out that he was invited to attend Outcomes Conference Digital Experience  and that he was going through the sessions with his staff. He said it was an incredible blessing for their ministry and church in Israel

Fadi explained that they minister to refugees and share the gospel in Muslim communities throughout the West Bank. As Palestinians, they don’t have the opportunity to attend conferences. It’s difficult to get clearance from the Israeli state to travel in and out of the West Bank. They were praising God for access to the training. It was like water found in the desert!

Hearing Fadi’s story, I knew God was giving us a glimpse of a bigger plan.

We praised God for his provision and rejoiced in what he was making possible in places we never imagined the training would reach.


As the virtual event approached the last week of its on-demand availability, God revealed in a team meeting with our website providers that it was now time to “GO GLOBAL.”  Candidly, it seemed like an unimaginable feat because it was on our strategic timeline for 2024. But when God directs, by faith, you go. In just 30-days, the Alliance launched its first-ever Outcomes Conference Global Digital Experience.


It all came together through collaboration with 10 global ministries. The updated offering included 200 live and recorded learning experiences, with some sessions presented in the most spoken languages in the world.

I encountered a young leader named Lukage. He was a bright young man from Uganda who was overjoyed to be able to experience the Outcomes Conference Global Digital Experience from his home country. 

On a group video conference call, Lukenge said he was inspired by a session on Spiritual Leadership. Dr. Sangho, a ministry director for West and Central Africa gave a talk in French. Because those on the call did not speak French, I asked him to share what he had learned with us in English.

With humility and confidence, he carefully detailed the eight spiritual leadership principles from the presentation. Leaders from nine different countries heard Lukenge share that day

Only God could make a moment like this happen by making a way for us to go global!

Attendees accessed over 150 hours of training in eight core disciplines: organizational and spiritual leadership, board governance, financial management, tax and legal, human resources, resource development, marketing communications, and technology.


Representing 40 countries, these leaders showed up and fully engaged. Among all the leaders who received this training, 20% of them live in countries such as Yemen, Turkey,  Pakistan, Israel, and the Philippines. These are locations where Christians represent less than 5% of the total population. God used this event to equip a core of leaders to become agents of revival in some extremely dark places.

We remain awestruck how God moved us from idea to full implementation in only 30-days. Now, Christian leaders from around the world are eager to know what’s coming next!


We recognize it’s time for us to take what we learned and move forward to acquire the technology that will keep the momentum going.  Once we fully activate the proven platforms, we will be able to connect and equip hundreds of thousands of leaders each year. In the midst of uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, only God could bring this kind of vivid clarity to our mission and the pathway to every Christian leader thriving.


Based on all that has transpired in 2020, I am sure you agree the world aches for men and women who are Christ-like, courageous, and well equipped to do every good work. Our ministry has been called to develop thriving leaders who God will use to build thriving organizations, flourishing communities, and God-fearing nations.

If you have been impacted by the work of Christian Leadership Alliance as a member, subscriber, or social follower, we ask you to advance the vision!

Make this the day you invest in a legacy of global impact!





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Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We are the leaders of Christ-centered organizations who are dedicated to faithful stewardship for greater kingdom impact.

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