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Lead Like it Matters to God By W. Scott Brown

Outcomes Conference Book of the Year

Lead Like it Matters to God

This week, as we mark the 45th Anniversary of Christian Leadership Alliance, we are pleased to announce the Outcomes Conference Book of the Year, Lead Like it Matters to God by Rich Stearns. Rich is the president emeritus of World Vision U.S., and is also the author of the award winning book, The Hole in Our Gospel as well as other inspiring volumes.

Here is what others are saying about it!

InterVarsity Press, the book’s publisher…

“In Lead Like It Matters to God, Stearns shares the leadership principles he has learned over the course of his remarkable career. As a leader who has navigated both secular and sacred spaces, Stearns claims that the values Christian leaders embrace in their workplaces are actually more important than the results they achieve—that God is more concerned about a leader’s character than a leader’s success.”

Christian Leadership Alliance President and CEO Tami Heim…

“In Lead Like It Matters to God, Rich Stearns is extremely transparent as he shares his lifelong experiences. It is impossible not to be significantly influenced by his stories. The lessons he learned on his quest to be a values-driven leader in a success-driven world are highly relatable and inspiring. I appreciate how each chapter carries a refreshing dose of humility. His desire to know, love, and serve God reminds us that a life surrendered to Christ is missional in every way and in every assignment. This book is a gift to all leaders, wherever you are in your transformational journey.”

Tom Lin, president/CEO of Alliance member Intervarsity…

“Grounded in Scripture and real-world experiences, Rich Stearns helps us reflect on who we’re becoming and exhorts us toward values-driven leadership. A much-needed book in this season when we’re longing for leaders with character, and a must-read for any Christian leader!”

Rich Stearns, the author…

“I believe that integrity is the North Star of leadership.”

Here at Christian Leadership Alliance we agree. Nothing matters more than a leader’s core character and integrity. It shapes everything else a leader does. That’s why we are pleased to name Lead Like it Matters to God as the 2021 Outcomes Conference book of the year.

The theme of The Outcomes Conference 2021 is “Thrive,” and this new book captures the essence of thriving as Christian leaders. Stearns will speak at The Outcomes Conference regarding his new book.


Scott Brown, CCNL, is the Vice President for Leadership Experiences and Resources for Christian Leadership Alliance, and editor of Outcomes magazine.



And  make plans now  to join us for the Outcomes Conference 2021 in Orlando!



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