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Three Steps to a Purposeful Life By Jim Brangenberg

Three Steps to a Purposeful Life and Kingdom Impact

We all want to have a purposeful like and make a Kingdom impact; we all want to transform the world for Christ. And here’s the thing: God has placed you right where you are to do exactly that! iWork4Him: Change the Way You Think About Your Faith at Work is today’s guide for the everyday believer. Filled with real-life stories, practical tools and resources, and biblical encouragement designed to help you engage in your Kingdom calling NOW!

Did you know that the self-help genre is expected to grow $13.2 billion by 2022? That’s billion with “B”! As human beings, we have an insatiable desire to live a balanced and purpose-driven life – a feat that seems nearly impossible in today’s chaotic world! But in Chapter 11 of iWork4Him, David J. Collum from the Pocket Testament League asks,

“What if you could focus everything in your life — your marriage, your family, your career, and your pleasures — through a single unifying lens?  Would having such a lens order the fragmented pieces of your world?”

I know it would for me! And here’s the really great news, we already HAVE that lens! It’s Jesus! When we focus on staying in relationship with Him throughout all the areas of our life, everything falls naturally into place. Why? Because that is what we were created for – to love God and bring Him glory!

I know, I know – easier said than done, right? But in iWork4Him, David breaks down three simple steps on how to make God your unifying lens AND bring him glory no matter where you are or what you’re doing!

STEP 1. Be with God by reading His Word

STEP 2. Carry God’s Word with you

STEP 3. Share God’s Word

These three steps are more powerful and effective than any self-help book because God’s Word is living and active! It’s not just static ink on paper – it’s how He speaks to us about His heart. Plus, as you move about your daily life, you never know when you’ll have the chance to give a copy of His Word away to a coworker or friend who’s looking for balance and purpose in their own life.

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Jim Brangenberg is the c0-host of iWork4Him, the Top-Rated Faith and Work Podcast. Jim and is wife Martha, share testimonies, interview authors and speakers, and tack topics to encourage you to look at our workplace as your mission field.

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God has a calling on your life, right where you are! 

The iWork4Him Trilogy was written to bridge the gap between your Sunday morning worship and Monday morning alarm by teaching you to engage with your local mission field. Filled with the combined wisdom of 54 contributors and ministries, iWork4Him, sheWorks4Him, and iRetire4Him offer a wealth of practical tools, resources, and biblical encouragement to help you unlock your purpose and engage in your Kingdom calling today! 

You will get detailed BIBLICAL information and FAITH-BASED how-tos through real-life stories that will challenge YOU while serving in “the field.” Join iWork4Him founders, Jim and Martha Brangenberg, as they unlock God’s everyday purpose and calling for His people. 


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