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Thirsting for More By Micheal J. Mantel

Thirsting for Living Water

Thirsting for Living Water by Michael J. Mantel, CEO of Living Water International, releases on October 12, 2021. Michael will be joining the Christian Leadership Alliance community at the 2022 Outcomes Conference 2022, April 26-28. The theme of the conference is “I BELONG” and in Michael’s story you will discover the power that comes from realizing you belong to God and that he is weaving you into a greater story of purpose and redemption.


It was a perfect storm of personal, professional, and natural disaster that threw Mike Mantel into a dark night of the soul, he embarked on a journey through his own life and around the world to rediscover God’s presence through the diverse body of Christ.

In Thirsting for Living Water, he invites readers to join him on this adventure and open their eyes to their own stories of God’s faithfulness. It’s an invitation to see where God is already at work: at home, among neighbors, and to the ends of the earth.

Here is a story of the holistic gospel, driven by compassion, justice, and mercy, with Jesus at the center.

Here is an inspiring vision of a unified, global church—in which each of us has a vital role to place.


Thirsting for Living Water moves us through faith and work with realism. The journey of the dark night of the soul is intensely personal, and Mike Mantel has shown how to embrace it in the midst of leading a superb organization.” ~ Samuel E. Chiang, cofounder of the Global Centre for Giftedness and catalyst for orality with the Lausanne Movement

“I have known Mike for many years and have personally observed his lifelong commitment to serve those the world chooses to push aside and/or forget. Mike consistently lives beyond himself, acting to serve the marginalized and oppressed. I invite you to learn more about Mike, who follows the Master Strategist and his love, vision, and redemption through the church.”~ Santiago “Jimmy” Mellado, president and CEO of Compassion International

“A warm invitation to look at our lives through the grace and direction of God. Mike uses his story, including the hardest seasons of his life, as a model to show us how to pay attention to what God could be up to. With reflection questions to frame each chapter, this book could be used as a great guide for discussions for everyone from youth groups through adult education and leadership teams.” ~ Mary S. Hulst, university pastor at Calvin University

“I have known Mike for several years, both as CEO of Living Water and as a fellow elder at my church. He is a true follower of Christ. This book not only tells his stories but many other stories from around the world. You will be blessed to read this book and reflect on your stories where Christ has been a faithful father and leader.” ~ Terry Looper, CEO of Texon and author of Sacred Place

“I felt as though this book was written for me. I devoured it in one sitting. You will be encouraged and strengthened as I have been by seeing how the deep tapestry of God’s plan is woven by the great Master Strategist into the amazing and glorious masterpiece of his grace in our lives. Thank you, Mike, for writing this book for me, for people like me, and for many others whose lives and experiences will resonate with your journey.” ~ Goodwill Shana, president of the Association of Evangelicals in Africa, founder and senior pastor of World of Life International Ministries



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