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Christian Leadership Alliance Member Spotlight: CIM

Christian Leadership Alliance Founder’s Council Member:

CIM (Computers in Ministry)

Today, Christian Leadership Alliance’s member spotlight is shining on the ministry of CIM. We are grateful for the leadership of CIM and their commitment to maximizing technology so ministries can grow, increase impact and thrive.

The CIM Story

Their Founder, Mark Johnson, felt called to serve God’s church but didn’t feel called to serve as a pastor in the traditional form. With an expertise in church systems and technology, he formed Computers In Ministry in 1996, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit designed to bridge the gap for ministries that could not afford the high cost of commercial technology services.

Computers in Ministry would help these organizations leverage technology to accomplish their ministry goals. His dream from the beginning has been to help ministries align appropriate and affordable technology solutions with their objectives.

God has called CIM to be in community with other ministries and they believe that call includes serving each other through community. Computers In Ministry’s shared services model brings broad level of professional technical expertise and experience with a Kingdom focus.

How They Serve

CIM helps each Ministry Partner develop an IT Roadmap, implement stable and effective solutions, within budget to carry out their mission. From the beginning Computers In Ministry has been built on long-term ministry partnerships. Over the last 20+ years, they have partnered with more than 100 nonprofit Christian ministry organizations in three primary regions of Colorado, Indiana, Arizona as well as throughout the country and with world-wide impact.

Who they Serve

They serve organizations that are at the heart of the Alliance community!

  • Faith-based nonprofits
  • Higher Education Institutions
  • Mission Organizations
  • Churches and Denomination

 Christian Leadership Alliance is grateful for their passion and what they make happen for the ministries they serve.  In times such as these ministries need to leverage what God has made possible to advance their mission and reach.

Learn more out CIM by visiting their website!


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