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Where Do Your Strategies Stand? By Shannon Litton

Time to Evaluate Your Core Strategies

When is the last time you assessed your communication strategies? Is your audience hearing your message loud and clear, or is your story getting lost in translation?  Where does your brand stand? Do you know where you net out on the 5by5 scale of Clarity and Reach?

5by5 is the best of 25 possible responses used to describe the quality of a communications signal. The two, 1 -5 point scales measures how clear the signal is and how strong the signal is. Today, this has evolved into the five bars on our cell phone.

In a world of ever-changing and evolving technologies and buzzwords, we believe these scales measure the two fundamental and universal pillars for all marketing communications – Clarity and Reach. If you do not have clear and consistent brand messaging and visuals, as well as a strategic plan to reach your target audience with compelling calls to action, chances are, you’re missing key components to optimize your impact.

Ready to see your communications rating?


Rate the following statements as they relate to your organization on a 1 – 5 point scale with:

  1. Strongly Disagree
  2. Disagree
  3. Neutral
  4. Agree
  5. Strongly Agree


  • Our mission/purpose is clear to our internal stakeholders (staff, board, etc.)
  • Our mission/purpose is clear to our external stakeholders (donors, clients, etc.)
  • Our brand messaging and visuals are consistent and impactful
  • We have clear calls to action
  • We have an effective brand
  • We are organizationally strong and poised for growth
  • Our audience knows why we exist


  • We have a well-defined marketing strategy/plan
  • We have a well-defined technology/digital strategy
  • We are reaching our target audience
  • We have a strong, two-way presence online to engage with our target
  • We have relevant and compelling content in front of our target on a consistent basis
  • We are driving traffic to our website
  • We are being proactive to create sustainable growth

Add up your points for each section and divide by 7 to get your Clarity by Reach rating.

Where did you net out? Ready to sharpen your rating? I can help!


Shannon Litton is the CEO of 5by5, a full-service marketing and digital agency. 5by5 serves change makers, those who work where life change happens. Their strategic services include communications plans, websites, mobile apps, ad campaigns, and fundraising initiatives, delivering messages with undeniable clarity, reach, and results.

At the Outcome Conference 2022, Shannon Litton teams up with Mollie Yoder to lead a Communications and Marketing Roundtable discussion you won’t want to miss!



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