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Unlock the Power of Delegation By Belay Solutions

Accomplish More and Juggle Less with Delegation

How do you know when delegation will make a difference?

Is it when you’re sacrificing sleep to get more things done? Is it when you’re deafened by a cacophony of ‘pings’ from your phone, tablet, computer – and more? Is it when you’re drowning in mounds of paperwork?

The short answer is a resounding ‘YES!’ The long answer is more like a ‘YES! How have you gone this long without delegating?! You’re just one person.’

But surprisingly, this question nags many leaders, from Fortune 500 CEOs to solopreneurs to church leaders.


Because they reason with themselves that they should wait until someone else can complete the tasks exactly as they would. So they wait … and wait … and wa– oh, forget it. ‘I’ll just do it myself.’

Sound familiar?

Delegation Part 1: The Question

But smart – and efficient – leaders adopt the ‘70 percent rule.’ Simply put, the 70 percent rule says that ‘ … if the person the leader would like to perform the task can do it at least 70 percent as well as they can, they should delegate it.’

Sure, it will prove difficult to accept that the task won’t be done exactly as you would do it and with the same degree of (perceived) perfection. But you know what it will be? DONE. And sometimes, that’s really what matters most.

And after you’ve asked yourself, ‘Can this person do this task 70 percent as well as I could?,’ you’re ready for part two.

Delegation Part 2: The Audit

The Harvard Business Review takes it one step further, suggesting leaders break down delegatable tasks into six divide-and-conquer categories as follows for more effective and efficient completion:

Tiny. Small, seemingly inconsequential tasks are easy to put off – but they add up. They aren’t necessarily important or urgent, and often only take a few minutes.

Tedious. Tedious tasks – like repetitive data entry – are typically relatively simple but often not the best use of your time – and could, therefore, be handled by someone else.

Time-Consuming. Time-consuming tasks are often important and complex. As such, you could delegate 80 percent of the research and execution and then assume responsibility for the final 20 percent to give approval.

Teachable. These tasks may initially seem difficult but can be delegated once you’ve taught the basics. And like time-consuming tasks, you will assume responsibility by providing quality checks and final approval in the end.

Terrible At. Know your weaknesses – and delegate them. The devil’s in the details so as so succinctly explains, ‘ … there is someone out there who can delight in the devil of your details.’ Find them.

Time-Sensitive. When a time-sensitive task enters the mix, competing with other priorities, there often isn’t enough time to do them all at once. Delegate time-sensitive tasks so you can focus on project-based deadlines.

Focus On What Only You Can Do

Give the rest away!

Ultimately, that’s what should play on a loop in your head, all day, every day. ‘Am I the only one who can do this?’

And are you really, truly the only one – or just the (arguably) best one? That’s the critical differentiator.

The 70-percent rule will take time to accept and will likely prove difficult to adopt, but something completed 70 percent to your standards – at worst – is still complete. And BONUS! You’ll still get that gratifying jolt of dopamine as you cross that task – and countless others – off your to-do list.

Today you will find a top-quality talent pools for all these types of positions:

Virtual Assistants

Our Virtual Assistants are dedicated professionals who bring experience and expertise to everyone they serve with a knack for being resourceful, helpful and proactive, and a gift for organization, planning and problem-solving.


Most people don’t love spreadsheets – but some do. For those who don’t, our Bookkeepers can provide clear, simple and updated financial information, tax filing services, and e-commerce support so you make better decisions.

Social Media Managers

These are professionals who live and breathe social media. We’re talking people for whom every ping, ding and red-badge notification gives them anticipatory butterflies as they eagerly engage with your clients – and future clients – online.

Website Specialists

Your website should be your most profitable asset, not your most painful. Make prospective customers happy – and convert them to actual customers with a powerful website that can position both you and your company as the solution your prospects need.

Stop Settling. Start Hiring.

It is time for you to start delegating and to help you get started,  we’re offering a free download of Delegate To Elevate: Accomplish More By Juggling Less.

Reap the benefits of delegating tomorrow – and every day thereafter.


B E L A Y is a leading provider of Virtual Assistants,  Bookkeepers, Web Specialists and Social Media Managers. This post is an excerpt from their latest book, Delegate to Elevate. Enjoy your free download!

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