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When the Blessing Breaks By Andrea Leigh Capuyan


What happens when the blessing breaks?

What happens when the blessing breaks? Broken open. Exposed. The tearing of the crust. Soft and tender bread was revealed—the promise of all we need for nourishment and healing.  We come to the table like His followers long ago, remembering His sacrifice, partaking in His promise, and receiving His healing. He is the living bread continually transforming our lives, body, and appetite – filling us with His likeness.

“Now as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and after blessing, it, he broke it and gave it to the disciples, and said, ‘Take, eat; this is my body.’”

~Matthew 26:26 ESV


Jesus, as our living bread, invites us to enjoy His life, allowing Him to be our sustenance. When we respond, He will infuse us with Himself. This uncontainable God indwells our fragile, human container. He resurrects the person we are meant to be. Our dependency grows. Our hunger deepens. And He doesn’t fail; He continues to feed us. He fills our outstretched hands with His life – a fresh taste for each new day.


During this evening supper, surrounded by lively conversation, Jesus interrupts – disrupts. He sets the stage for a different meal, a never-ending, everlasting feast. His broken life is the centerpiece, our main course. He pulls back the curtains and shifts his disciples’ attention to the unseen and eternal. And still today, He interrupts our life. In the middle of the day, in the darkest night, in laughter and tears, He shows up. Our thoughts spin – what to do, what’s next, what God wants. We search for His perspective and His activity. And He redirects us to His table, causing us to pause and inviting us to commune.


Communion. As we join our lives to Him, our life becomes like His – a living sacrifice. Just as He is the Bread of Life, our lives can become bread for others. He shapes, molds, and forms us into his likeness – a life that nourishes – a life broken open. Our lives – vulnerable and exposed – He nurtures us with loving care. He gently tears apart our hard outer shell, breaking apart our resistance, revealing what is soft and tender. Then broken open, we can refresh the weary, hurting hearts around us. Communion is the sharing in His sacrifice, laying down our lives. Are we receptive to His molding? Are we allowing Him to shape us as an imitation of Him – living bread?

God is With Us

Amid good news, answered prayers, and positive results, it is easy to trust that God is present and blessing us. Yet, when the tides turn, it is tempting to wonder if perhaps we’ve got it all wrong, and He is just gone, leaving us empty-handed. We long for God’s blessing. Indeed, wisdom invites us to continually seek Him so that we do not run ahead or behind God; instead, we wish to walk in step with Him.  The blessing is God’s active mercy. His broken life. So that we might act for Him, by Him, and through Him. His blessing is our power.

His blessing begins our journey. God’s blessing is His act of benediction, protection, and preparation. His blessing prepares us for where He is next leading…the breaking.


Andrea Leigh Capuyan is the Executive Director of Laurel Pregnancy Center. Andrea holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from York College. She is a Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leader with Christian Leadership Alliance and a Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional.


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