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The Power of Words By Ron Henry

Words You Speak Carry Power and Influence

Do we realize that the choice of words defines who we are along with our positioning in family, friends, and the workplace?

Words Have Influence  

Many words we use today are polarizing.  We assume that those we are in communication with have similar definitions and think like us.   Unfortunately, most of the time we choose these so-called polarizing words that create one’s predisposition as to who we really are.   For example, today if you identify upfront that you are a liberal or conservative, democrat or republican, ministry or business, non-profit or for-profit, etc., what’s your first impression?   Maybe to go so far as to state whether I am a follower of Jesus or am I a Christian.  This latter choice on what descriptive identifying word we use becomes a matter of life and death in the Middle East.    

So, everyone (with sarcasm) knows who you are, right?  How has this been impacting your ability to build meaningful relationships, to serve that person, connect with them……?

Our choice of words most times really limits our ability to create a meaningful connection with another person. 

For by your words you be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned

~ Matthew 12:37

Words Have Power

Remember the power of words; with words Jesus calmed the seas, rebuked Satan, and so forth.   Our choice of words will powerfully define us as well as the platforms we represent.

Let me share a personal example, for 30+ years I was engaged with executive search, responsible for building two successful firms in Orange County to where I was personally involved with placement of over 600 professionals and indirectly with over 2500 professionals in all industries.   But, if you were to ask me what I do which of these two responses would best define (position) me so to achieve the most meaningful conversation, relationship and represent what is my identity without creating any predetermined bias?

Response #1: 

“I’m a search professional, or a recruiter”   Think about it, everyone knows what a recruiter does, at least has a predisposition from their own experience.  Conversation over.

Response #2 

“I’m in the ‘people’ business”.   This reply will force a second question such as ‘what do you mean by ‘people’ business? My next response, ‘I encourage and equip influencers in the workplace to be all they were created to be.’   Reply, ‘that’s interesting’.  Next reply, ‘I have been privileged to provide such services over the years in the Music industry, executive search and today supporting chaplain care services for front line workers.’ 

As you will observe, in this second response example, I am not defining myself by position title, I’m defining myself as to my basic functional role that defines me.

You can probably see from my example, the bottom-line to this approach is building a relationship (frequent exchanges) and defining my positioning so extend meaningful service.

What words will you now be using?   Polarizing or engaging??


Ron Henry serves as the Executive Director, Marketplace Chaplains. Ron and other chaplains will be on hand at The Outcomes Conference 2023 ready to pray, counsel, and support all attendees who have a need!


Ron Henry will be leading a workshop at The Outcomes Conference 2023! Here is more about it.

Workshop: Aligned with God: Are You Positioned Properly?
Good things happen when you’re in the right place at the right time. We call it alignment with God when in the right season he places his hand on you with your next assignment (role).

Session Outcomes:

  • Discern the difference in an “assignment” and “job,”
  • Receive all God has created for you to best serve him, and
  • Discern why comfort is not always a sign to stay in your role, and how to identify when your current assignment is completed.


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