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Unlock the Power of Your Team By Pamela Westbrooks

It’s Time to Strengthen and Empower Your Team

While the word team does not appear in the Bible, the Word of God contains much information about working together! We see a team created when someone accepts Christ as their Lord and Savior.

  • From that moment, a believer can access their own “team.” The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • We are designed to need God and each other. In Ephesians 4:11-13, believers are called the body of Christ. The global church is designed to work as a team.

Stronger Together

In 1st Corinthians 12:17-28, Paul uses a brilliant illustration about the human body to show how Christians, each with their gifts and strengths, are intended by God to work together. This analogy applies to team members in organizations that aim to reach the world for Christ. Powerful teams are made up of interdependent members fulfilling defined tasks.

An Invitation

The Christian Leadership Alliance team encourages you to bring a team of leaders to the Outcomes Conference to build their mission-critical competency, expand their leadership capacity, and inspire their hearts. As we have seen for decades, leadership development most effectively occurs at the crossroads of community, content, and experiential growth. Add a shared experience, and transformation happens.

Next up, three Alliance leaders share why they bring teams to The Outcomes Conference!

American Heritage Girls

American Heritage Girls Changes Girls’ Lives and Leads Them to Christ-centered Life

“It is imperative for leaders across various departments—be it Marketing, HR, IT, or Board Governance—to receive training that embodies Christ-centered best practices and to engage in networking opportunities within ministry-focused and Christ-centered organizations. Each year, the Outcomes Conference consistently surpasses expectations. Through interactions with leaders from other organizations, valuable partnerships have formed, allowing us to grow through shared experiences.

For American Heritage Girls, attending this conference is an additional benefit for our staff and a cornerstone experience in their professional development journey.

We firmly believe in the significance of nurturing leaders at every level, particularly those in the ascent of their careers. We encourage organizations to closely assess the learning tracks offered at this conference, recognizing the unparalleled Christ-centered. These in-person workshops are incomparable elsewhere.” – Michelle Beckham-Corbin, Director of Marketing and Communications.


 CapinCrouse Empowers Nonprofit Nationwide

“Several years ago, we were in the mode of being a general attendee/sponsor type member.

We strategically decided to be sponsors and send several of our leaders each year. We see the value of interacting with leaders from so many incredible organizations.

I believe this is a conference for leaders, and we want to reflect that by sending our leaders as well.

We believe that we are here to serve God and to make all organizations that are changing lives better. We see tremendous value in sharing our wisdom and learning from so many others; at the end, we are all here to improve each other.” – Fran Brown, Managing Partner.

IHS Global

IHS Global Equips Believers as Intentional Witnesses

“For several years, I came to the CLA Outcomes conference alone. I greatly benefited from the conference sessions. Also, networking has always been important to me, and the CLA conference is a great place to do this. However, this year, 2023, I tried something different. I brought a team from our organization, IHS Global, and asked each member to keep track of their learning.

I completely underestimated the value of attending as a team. The team members learned many valuable lessons in management and skill development. But this year, through my team’s feedback, I realized again the importance of attending to the whole person. Soul care became a focus of our debriefing sessions. I was surprised by how important this concept of care for the entire person was to the team. As we attempted to implement what we learned, surprising and miraculous results were seen.

 As a Christian leader, I am responsible for more than ministry outcomes. Culture and care are mine to manage as well. I am grateful to the leadership of CLA for providing an atmosphere where godly, Christian leadership is encouraged. I highly encourage all faith-based nonprofits to attend CLA’s Outcomes Conference and bring your team!” – Bob Snyder, Founder.

Don’t miss the opportunity to empower and strengthen your team.

Join us for the Outcomes Conference in Jacksonville, Florida

April 9-11, 2024.

Register your team today!


Pamela Westbrooks is the VP of Finance and Operations at Christian Leadership Alliance. Pamela brings decades of financial and human resource experience to her current role.

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