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Outcomes Conference 24 Highlight: Meet Faith Eury Cho

Faith Eury Cho Serves as a Church and Nonprofit Leader

Christian Leadership Alliance is eager to hear the message God puts on the heart of Faith Eury Cho for her mainstage presentation at Outcomes Conference 2024. Faith is the CEO and founder of  The Honor Summit, a nonprofit organization that centers Asian American women on the mission of God. Alongside her husband, Pastor David Cho, she is also the co-founder and co-pastor of  Mosaic Covenant Church. Now, you will learn more about her story and the experiences she brings to the Outcomes Mainstage.

Meet Faith Eury Cho

Faith has been a gospel preacher since she was 19 years old. She is an international speaker, pastor, church planter, author, and CEO of a nonprofit. Her mission is for all to know and enjoy the gift of the gospel, the Presence of God.

She holds a Master of Divinity concentration in Global Studies from the Rawlings School of Divinity at Liberty University. She has been ministering in the church for 18 years.

Faith is a coach and collaborator for Propel Ecclesia and a contributing writer. Faith has spoken on mission fields, churches, conferences, and stages such as Thinq and Exponential. She also appears on TBN’s Better Together. In January 2023, she was mentioned in Outreach Magazine as one of the “20 Rising Leaders.”

Her most precious role is being a mom to her four children— Moriah, Elias, River, and Adalynn.

Mosaic Covenant Church Story

The mission at Mosaic Covenant Church is to lead people to live by Greater Faith.

Jesus had placed a dream in David’s heart when he was 21 years old— for a Spirit-filled and Spirit-led church in NJ, his home state. David and Faith were college sweethearts who met at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He wanted to be a physical therapist. She wanted to be a missionary. They got married, and God led them down an adventure that couldn’t have been planned.

For over a decade, they both attained an M.Div, became ordained as pastors, raised four children, built a home, started a nonprofit organization to activate Christian women, became itinerant speakers, and so on. However, starting in 2019, Jesus began to instill in them a particular vision for a church— one that was fearless and free.

From the beginning of this journey, the question has been, “What would it look like if Jesus Himself walked through NJ and NY?” They believe He would disciple the community with special needs, support the single mother, help the immigrant family, comfort the weary, and embrace the broken. From there, God revealed His heart to Dave and Faith to build a church to reach, champion, and disciple the marginalized. They believe that the power of the gospel is in its ability to make strangers into friends of God. For this reason, in January 2020, they left the comforts and predictability of their previous ministry positions to be a family on a mission.

The Honor Summit

Faith Eury Cho is the founder and CEO of the Honor Summit. It is a non-denominational, nonprofit Christian organization that champions the daughters of God to rise from the sidelines for such a time as this.

The Honor Summit is a movement that was birthed from prayer, and it is a response to our conviction that 100% of the Body of Christ needs to be activated and ready for such a time as this. The Honor Summit serves churches while dreaming of the day when all churches can effectively disciple, activate, and mobilize women for the gospel. Its ministry drives this hope while also honoring the diversity in the female experience within the church. 

Experiencing Friendship with God

Her debut book is Experiencing Friendship with God: How The Wilderness Draws Us to His Presence (Waterbrook October 2023); in this book, she assures us that in tough times, we can become more familiar with pain than progress and more acquainted with loneliness than companionship. But what if the purpose of our faith is not to reach the Promised Land but to recognize that God is with us in our lowest moments and times of our wilderness? 

Faith draws on ancient wisdom about intimacy with God to help us cultivate a relationship with Him, even among all the complications of today’s world. With practical ideas and stories from her spiritual journey, Faith explores how to

• trust God when life is overwhelming
• pray when you don’t feel like you have the words
• keep faith when God feels silent
• continue to focus on the hope we have in Jesus

If knowing the Presence of God is our greatest desire, then every season of our lives has significance—even the lowest. Only then do we realize that the purpose of each moment is an experience with God?

And when we do that, we will understand that we were never without Him.

What People are saying about the book!

In Experiencing Friendship with God, Faith Eury Cho calls us to a deeper relationship with God that goes beyond good deeds and easy platitudes. From her experiences and extensive biblical knowledge, Cho reminds us that God’s Presence is what we truly need. – Dave Ferguson is the lead visionary of New Thing and the author of BLESS.

“IExperiencing Friendship with God, Faith Eury Cho equips us to know the love and friendship of God in a personal and powerful way, regardless of our circumstances.” – Nona Jones is a speaker, tech executive, and author of Killing Comparison.

Experiencing Friendship with God is one of the most refreshing books my heart has sat with in a long time. It’s a gentle, soft place for those wrestling to know God and see God again. Suppose you’re looking for words to bring fresh wind to dry bones and clarity for your purpose and relationship with God. In that case, this is the book your heart needs.” – Alexandra Hoover, speaker, ministry leader, and bestselling author of Eyes Up and Without Wavering.

And now – enjoy hearing from Faith as she invites you to join us in Jacksonville!\


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