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1.25.18 Christian Leadership Alliance Webcast Announcement

January Webcast: Breaking Down Successful Nonprofit Campaigns The Christian Leadership Alliance webcast series offers an exceptional line-up featuring some of the best of Christian Leadership Alliance’s past conference speakers – all highly sought after experts in their fields. Mike Schatz, COO, Partner, 5by5 – A Change Agency, will be sharing with us the new marketing…

Outcomes Academy Online: Sharpen Your Edge

Sharpen Your Leadership Edge Enroll in the Outcomes Academy January Session It’s time to mark your calendars and plan now to sharpen your edge by enrolling in Christian Leadership Alliance’s January Outcomes Academy Online.  SAVE THE DATES This  year the registration for the Outcomes Academy deadline is January 8, 2018 Classes begin for all those…

Innovate to Great by Allen Thornburgh

Six Steps to Innovate and Drive Growth Remember Circuit City? “Where service is state of the art”? Dark, cavernous consumer electronics stores with red carpet and nearly-impossibly- knowledgeable salespeople? Ring a bell? Not if you’re under 30, because Circuit City — one of Jim Collins’ “great” companies in his bestseller Good To Great (Harper Collins,…

Outcomes for Leaders Like You

The Outcomes Conference 2018 is for leaders like you. Christian leaders, like you, are radically transforming lives in this country and around the world. We know the challenges you face each day are great, but believe the power of God at work in and through you is infinitely greater. We know that all things work…

The Story that Connects by Jamie Janosz and Pete Distler

Telling the Old, Old Story in a Digital World Today, you have an important story to tell. Yet, when confronted with media clutter and useless digital meandering on mobile devices, you may ask, “How can our story, God’s story, connect with those who need to hear it most?” While some fundraisers and marketers are tasked…

Outcomes Academy: Time for Online Fall Registration 2017

Let Fall be your season of professional growth! Fall is in full swing and there is no better time for you to get into your professional back-to-school rhythm. Christian Leadership Alliance (CLA) presents its Fall 2017 Outcomes Academy – Online line-up.  CLA Leaders are committed to lifelong learning and going the extra mile to do…

What's Impact Got to Do With It?

Impact has a lot to do with you. Faith-based nonprofits have visions and missions that guide the ‘why and how’ of their desired impact. If you serve in one, then perhaps you already recognize the significance of your leadership and your personal impact when it comes to achieving the ministry’s mission. United  Christian Leadership Alliance…

Does Your Tagline Work? By Ron Busroe

Here’s what you learn when the tagline works! The Salvation Army tagline, introduced 12 years ago, is packed with meaning. The phrase speaks to our unswerving dedication to serving vulnerable citizens with basic needs and a message of Jesus’ love. Our officers believe they are answers to a prayer — both blessed and a blessing…

Compassionate Communicators By Dan Kennedy

Compassionate Communicators Engage Becoming compassionate communicators is the number one thing you can do to increase engagement with your audiences — all of them. Compassionate communication works, but you have to work for it. Let’s get practical: building an audience persona Begin with the idea that marketing professionals are audience advocates. It’s our job to…

Your Story Matters By Kimberly Holmes Wiggins

Use every opportunity to share your story. We all have a story to be told. Mine changed dramatically on April 16, 2016. You see, I can never get those lights out of head, nor that one sentence: “Ma’am, we hate to inform you that your husband is deceased.” The trooper said it like I had…


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Christian Leadership Alliance equips and unites leaders to transform the world for Christ. We seek to build the body of Christ by building the people Christ calls to leadership.

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