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When the Blessing Breaks By Andrea Leigh Capuyan

What happens when the blessing breaks? What happens when the blessing breaks? Broken open. Exposed. The tearing of the crust. Soft and tender bread was revealed—the promise of all we need for nourishment and healing.  We come to the table like His followers long ago, remembering His sacrifice, partaking in His promise, and receiving His…

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The Season of Brokenness By Andrea Leigh Capuyan

The Season of Being Broken Into A season of resurrection, triumph, and feasting. A season of remembrance. For Jesus the time is approaching when his body will be broken for the life of others. Around the communal table of the Passover meal, He beckons us to remember the life God created for us…”be fruitful and…

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Confession of a Broken Leader By Aimee Minnich

By Aimee Minnich~ It is time for the confession of a broken leader. Last week I shared a blog post about becoming an irrelevant leader and noted that impact isn’t our first priority. Even though we write about impact most of the time and tell stories of people and companies that are changing the world…

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