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Capital Campaigns and Baseball by Pat McLaughlin

Capital Campaigns Are a Lot Like Baseball I’ve been a high school and college umpire for 35 years and have learned that successful capital campaigns are much like baseball. A pitcher needs to prepare and strategize before throwing the ball; your ministry needs to plan and set goals before pitching your campaign. Great pitchers deliver…

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Capital Campaign Success By Randy Bronkema

Five Ways to Prepare for Capital Campaign Success I think we can agree, people are the keystone to successful fundraising. Our firm is currently conducting a research study to explore the challenges surrounding fundraising roles, why the notoriously short tenure, and what’s needed to reverse the trend. I encourage you to share your own insight…

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15 Workshops to Expand Your Fundraising Expertise

For many nonprofit organizations, raising financial support in such a time as this is essential if life changing ministry goals are to be met. At The Outcomes Conference: CLA Dallas 2015, you will find 15 workshops designed to expand your fundraising expertise. High-profile consultants, well-known professionals, and diverse ministry practitioners, that have a history of…

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