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Resource Development Technology Showcase

Showcase Friday: Technology that Unlocks Generosity This is week three of the  Christian Leadership Alliance showcase series. Today we bring to you experts in the areas of resource development who specialize in different types of technology that makes generous giving easy. Let’s take a look at this week’s best of the best list. DonorDirect Don’t let…

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A Change That Changes Everything By R. Scott Rodin

A Change of Perspective that Changes Everything A change in your perspective can change everything for you. Ask Christian leaders what they hope Jesus says to them when they stand before him at the end of their life. Most will quote Matthew 25:21, “Well done, good and faithful servant. Come and share your Master’s happiness.”…

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When Stewards Fail: Repentance

By Howard Rich Leadership development tends to focus on increases in effectiveness, doing right things, forming healthy habits, and building success.  On our road to successful and effective leadership we learn practices and techniques intended to help us make good decisions, lead ourselves well, and propel our organizations and people to win.  But, what do…

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