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Generous Refreshment By Ed McDowell

A Season of Generous Refreshment The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed. ~ Proverbs 11:25 The sweetest refreshment experienced is always associated with generosity.  Stop and think about the times of refreshment in your own life, examine the details of that refreshment and you will find generosity flowing through the…

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Unprecedented By Ed McDowell

Leadership in  Unprecedented Times We are living and leading in a very unique time with unprecedented challenges. The Challenges (1) A pandemic with life and death implications.  In a few short months this pandemic has completely altered the way we live and function. It is changing the way we functionally lead and serve. (2) A…

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Leading in Crisis By Ed McDowell

Leading in a Challenging Time of Crisis We are in a very challenging time of crisis.  Life as we knew it, has changed dramatically and abruptly thanks to a new threat, COVID-19.  The changes are substantial and rapid, with each day bringing about another set of variables and new information requiring rapid responses from leaders…

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