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A Biblical Perspective on Handling Dissent By Paul Swamidass

Learn from Jesus on how to handle dissent. Jesus uses the “prodigal son” parable to convey to his believers the unique qualities of God the father. Teachers and preachers have used this parable to communicate to their listeners, the unparalleled loving, merciful and gracious nature of God the Father. In the parable, the father eagerly…

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One Thing We Own By Andrea Leigh Capuyan

The One Thing We Own – Our Mistakes As steward leaders, there is ONE thing we must OWN – our mistakes. UGH! Y’all, I blew it. Here we are. The team is gathered for our monthly meeting. The room is abuzz. The conversation is rich. The meeting’s goal is to provide an opportunity to foster…

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5 Tips for Marriages in Ministry By Gary and Jenni Hoag

Five Important Tips for Marriages in Ministry By Gary and Jenni Hoag – This next summer we will celebrate 25 years of marriage while actively engaging in ministry. Over that timeframe our marriage has been filled with highs and lows, much like one of our favorite couples in the Scriptures, Priscilla and Aquila. Priscilla and…

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