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What Happens When Plans Fail By Mike Bohem

When corporate executives evaluate a new initiative, they will consider the “facts” and recommendations and then make a decision whether to proceed. Of course, facts are not always accurate and those implementing the plan are not infallible, so business plans may fail. When this happens, good leaders ask “why?” In some cases, the “why” question…

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Is God in Your Plans? By Mike Bomen

Just mention “long-range planning” around a group of church leaders, and you are sure to get a variety of reactions – deep sighs, shaking heads, uncomfortable chuckles … and maybe a few eyes that light up. Planning is one of the most notable areas where churches can experience gridlock in the intersection of secular and…

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Is Great the Enemy of Godly? By Mike Bonem

“Good is the enemy of great,” according to Jim Collins in the well-known opening line of Good to Great. Collins’s best-selling book has been a favorite guide for business leaders and has been equally influential for many leaders outside of business, including those in the church. I am one of those leaders who have been…

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