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Navigating the Waters By Andrea Leigh Capuyan

Navigating the Waters of A Leader’s Journey Recently, my husband, Wayne, and I enjoyed kayaking off the Florida Keys in the clear blue waters of the Gulf. We found ourselves meandering through mangrove tunnels. My mind began to ponder the parallels of my journey as a ministry leader. While our excursion was sheer pleasure, there…

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Self-mastery By Mark L. Vincent

Self-mastery matters more than ever. By Mark L. Vincent ~ Are you as tired of the U.S. presidential race post-mortems as you were with the election process itself? Does anything remain to discuss? Anything? Through the relentless negative messaging to which we’ve been subjected, two leadership reflections abide in me: Role leadership is nearly dead.…

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The Journey to Becoming By Benn Lee

Ben Lee is principal at Olympia Elementary School in Danvers, IL, and leads the Christian Education Team at North Danvers Mennonite Church, where he previously served as the community-based youth minister. Below are his reflections from the Biblical Foundations of Leadership module via the Christian Leadership Alliance Online Academy. Participants reviewed Scott Rodin’s outline of…

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