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Defeat Your Greatest Enemy By Matt Fore

  3 Insights Into Defeating Your Greatest Enemy Do you ever find yourself secretly discouraged or on the. the bring of feat? Maybe you’ve heard a message, read an article or even a scripture that, while it was intended to encourage, it left you confused or even disheartened. For a number of years, I was…

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Defeat The Virus of Discouragement By Matt Fore

2 Powerful Prescriptions To Defeat The Virus of Discouragement When it came to medical advice, your Grandma’s ideas might have been skewed. To be fair, it probably wasn’t her fault. Home remedies were passed down from Mt. Sinai through the family tree and they landed at your house. That’s why, as a kid, you lay…

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A Little Happiness By Matt Fore

A  Little Happiness Goes a Long Way Yes, a little happiness does go a long way. As I’ve always said, “The best defense is a strong offense.” Or maybe that was said by famous nineteenth century military theorist, Carl Von Clausewitz. It was definitely one of us. This principle holds true in many areas of…

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