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Discover How Vision Births Legacy By Alex McElroy

How do you pursue a vision that leaves a legacy?

Do you long to see your vision be completed? If so, you must long for someone to carry on your legacy. True leaders see their vision as more important than themselves. Therefore, true leaders long to see their vision come to fulfillment even if they aren’t the person who gets to fulfill it. True leaders build from the bottom up before they get to the point where they look down from the penthouse.

Building a legacy takes hard work and dedication. Think of something or someone you have in your life that you love. Did it take hard work for you to acquire that something? Does it take dedication to remain committed to loving that person? Leaders understand that obtaining a sustainable legacy is worthy of the labor. Building someone else up through discipleship and mentorship is a labor of love.

When a building is being constructed the foundation must be laid before the roof is attached. Likewise, before you can leave legacy the vision must be implemented.

Watch this video and learn how to build something that will last. You must start from the bottom up in order to fulfill your purpose!


Alex McElroy is an international speaker who has taught thousands of people how to lead and live out their purpose in life. He is a passionate speaker, teacher, leader, business owner, author, as well as a faithful husband and a devoted father.

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