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It’s Still Possible to Clap Your Hands By Karen Moore

It’s Still Possible to Clap Your Hands in Joy!

Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy. ~ Psalm 47:1, NIV

Chances are you seldom take a bow, even though you often deserve a round of applause. You do amazing work that others might applaud, but you tell yourself it was no big thing. You were just doing your job. It’s a humble way to approach your hard work and valuable accomplishments, but is it the only way?

What if you gave God a round of applause, adding “high-fives” for the people you work with, and then gave yourself a hand as well? After all, you followed God’s direction. You committed your efforts to ultimate success, the joy of doing something worthwhile, and invested your talents and leadership skills. It’s okay to give yourself a hand now and then.  You can be sure that even if you don’t, angels in heaven are clapping with joy for your humble achievements.

Honor Your Achievements

When you honor your last achievement, it helps you get ready for the next one!

The more you appreciate where you’ve been and what you’ve accomplished before, the more energy you have to search for what is yet ahead. When you believe you can handle new plans and possibilities, you execute them well. God is the Master Designer. He knows exactly what you can do, and He promises to stick right with you until you get it done. Knowing what you can do, helps you imagine what you might do. God knows what is possible for you and He knows how to shape your circumstances. After all, He’s a catalyst for change.

So What’s Ahead?

So, what’s ahead for you? What’s still possible? Meditate on God’s Word and on His Presence to discover what He has for you right now. The future may be different from anything you’ve experienced before. It may cause you to wonder if you can really do it. You may question how to lead your team forward.

That’s good! Your weakness is God’s strength. Your uncertainty is His opportunity.

Remember, even the guy behind the scenes, is asked to come forward and take a bow now and then. After all, the show couldn’t go on without him. Take a bow of gratitude for all that God has done to help you shine your light and give you every possibility.


Father God,

I humbly come before You, grateful that You have given me opportunities to shine. You have caused me to grow and change and deliver outcomes I never imagined were even possible. You have allowed me to get to know who I am in You and that makes me giddy with happiness.  Help me to know that we’re not done yet, and that there is more I can do. 



Karen Moore is the author of numerous devotional and prayer books. She is a popular conference speaker, encourager and recipient of God’s grace. This post is adapted from It’s Still Possible (Thomas Nelson, October 2020.)



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