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The Wisdom of Solomon By Zándra Bishop

The Wisdom of Solomon: Successful Business with a Lion Heart

Effective business leaders take heed to the wisdom God gifted Solomon. The question is, “Are you building a workplace environment filled with wise leadership?” We should all strive to follow the valuable examples Solomon has provided for us to become productive stewards of God, from mistakes, to training, to the rewards received. Beneficially, we can utilize Solomon’s examples to accent our personal gifts from God, fully in the workplace.

A Christian Worldview

Many times in life we get wrapped up in a great conviction or overly committed to an organization.  God does not call us to be busy or to entangle our identity with a job. At times, leadership can be time-consuming and difficult but we should always make time to show love to others and God.

As Christians, we are to maintain balanced lives between serving God and work. Being good stewards of God is not an easy task, especially in the business world. But we can all achieve it with the wisdom and experience of Solomon. Solomon did not do everything correctly; however, the one thing that made history was his love and trust in the Lord along with the fact that he never gave up.

Boost Wisdom

Here are the ways to boost wisdom according to Solomon:

  1. Read your Bible. Believe and Trust God.
  2. Practice Meditation and Pray continuously, especially for wisdom. 60 seconds of silence at least every two hours.
  3. Be Thankful and Offer Gratitude.
  4. Work Joyfully. Have FUN & LAUGH.
  5. Be Accountable and Responsible.
  6. Stay disciplined and focused.
  7. Set goals and implement them.
  8. Be of good reputation with honor and integrity.
  9. Practice deep listening.
  10. Trust and have discernment with others while Seeking Wise counsel.

Our minds, businesses, and circumstances can be completely transformed if we walk in total faith (Romans 12:2).

We must be committed to being good stewards who influence those around us positively.  Our faith should be anchored in God’s will and purpose for our life, which is demonstrated in how we carry and handle ourselves daily, especially at work. The works of God are incomprehensible (Isaiah 55:8).

Roar with Wisdom!

Cultivating an environment that exudes wisdom can be difficult to achieve and takes a special type of leader.. If you’re looking for leaders with the wisdom of Solomon that can have a positive impact throughout your organization, on your people, and community, FaithSearch excels in securing leaders for nonprofit organizations.


Zándra Bishop, serves as the SVP NonProfit+, a division of FaithSearch Partners. She is a solutions-oriented HR and strategic business professional and leader with more than 15 years experience in business operations management, program development, internal consulting, and non-profit management in multi-cultural settings.


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