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Maestro-Level Leaders Launch By Mark L. Vincent

It is Maestro-Level Leader Cohort Launch Week for CLA!

This week Maestro-level leaders and Christian Leadership Alliance launch a cohort of accomplished executives in the Third Turn of the leadership. This cohort experience has been a long time in development, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Future Focus

Maestro-level leaders who are facing into the future and building the organization that will serve the future often discover they won’t be the one in the leader’s seat when this strategy round begins. At that moment, the organization is under threat. Future value, succession, and legacy can disintegrate right in front of them.

  • Future value (more mission)
  • Succession (new leaders slingshotted into the future)
  • Legacy (a sustaining and integrity-laden organization)

Finish Strong

Some leaders will choose to retire quickly or leave knotty problems to a successor. However, the Maestro-level leader commits to being planful in their final chapter, realizing they will only do this once. How they foster a transition is what everyone will remember most. They will either make an opportunity for a successor or become the handicap or obstacle the successor has to overcome.

  • In Maestro-level leaders, we believe there are four themes to address when facing the mists of the future, including leadership transition. If we don’t address these themes, then future value and the ability to slingshot one’s successors into the future diminishes. They are: 
  • A Maestro-level leader’s job description. Once succession can be seen and starts to be considered — even if just a growing thought — the job changes. Evaluation is now nested in endings rather than beginnings or continuing — even if no one else yet knows about that ever-increasing thought.
  • A Maestro-level leader’s map for what must be handed off by the leader and picked up by the successor for an effective, future value-building transition. 
  • A balance sheet for the future so that the always-needed re-capitalization of the enterprise is in operation
  • Articulation of the Maestro-level leader’s philosophy.

How can anyone embrace it, add to it, adjust it or intelligently reject it without it being expressed?

Craft the Change Now!

This level of well-crafted change, especially when it involves succession, often lasts 3-5 years. We split the difference in creating this four-year cohort experience that combines monthly 1/2 day cohort meetings, a monthly one-to-one with one of the facilitators, and a 1.5-day retreat each quarter. We will keep circling, nudging at, and providing resources for these four themes in these four years. Most importantly, by putting it into a cohort experience, we provide traveling companions covenanted to walk alongside each other in this journey of developing others with our grandchildren’s grandchildren in mind.

Kristin Evenson joins me in facilitating this first cohort. Her wisdom and insight make it worth the price of participation.

Are you interested in joining this cohort? It’s not too late. There is room to add a couple more persons. Please write to me directly at to get a conversation started. This cohort will close to new participants in January 2023, when we will begin recruiting the next one.


Mark L. Vincent is the Founder of Design Group International and the Society for Process Consulting. He hosts the Third Turn Podcast and facilitates Maestro-level leaders.


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