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Summer Books For a Leader Like You!

Summer Books To Inspire Your Leadership Journey

Summer books are a great way to sharpen and expand your thinking. W. Scott Brown, Vice President of Learning Experience and Resources for Christian Leadership Alliance, has curated s list of books perfect for summer reading! He has also added helpful overviews and a few podcasts by some authors. Enjoy what is waiting for you between the pages.

Happy Reading!

Outcomes Book - Summer 2023 Jenkins

1. Grace to Grow: Creating a healthy church in unhealthy times
By John K. Jenkins, Sr. (Zondervan, Oct. 17, 2023)
Book Overview 

Outcomes Book - Summer 2023 Lencioni

2. The 6 Types of Working Genius: A better way to understand your gifts, your frustrations, and your team
By Pat Lencioni (Matt Holt, September 27, 2022)
Book Overview

 Listen to Pat Lencioni on the Faith Driven Entrepreneur Podcast as he discusses “The 6 Types of Working Genius.”

Outcomes Book - Summer 2023 Fabey

3. The Dignity Gap: Are you leading beyond diversity and inclusion?
By Bob Fabey (Free Agent Press, March 8, 2023)
Book Overview

Outcomes Book - Summer 2023 Marmon

4. Speak Up or Stay Stuck: Get your voice heard when fast and forced change happens in the workplace
By Pam Marmon (Lioncrest Publishing, May 9, 2023)
Book Overview

Outcomes Book - Summer 2023 Hendricks

5. The Influential Mentor: How the life and legacy of Howard Hendricks equipped and inspired a generation of leaders
By Maina Mwaura (Moody Publishers, June 6, 2023)
Book Overview

Outcomes Book - Summer 2023 Begg

6. The Christian Manifesto: Jesus’ life-changing words from the Sermon on the Plain
By Alistair Begg (The Good Book Company, September 1, 2023)
Book Overview

Outcomes Book - Summer 2023 Tiede

7. Leading with Questions: How leaders discover powerful answers by knowing how and what to ask 
By Michael J. Marquardt and Bob Tiede (Wiley; 3rd edition, April 25, 2023)
Book Overview

 Listen to Bob Tiede on a podcast with host Mike Linch discussing “How to Lead by Asking Questions.”

Outcomes Book - Summer 2023 Ingram

8. I Choose Peace: How to quiet your heart in an anxious world
By Chip Ingram (Baker Books, August 8, 2023)
Book Overview

 Listen to Chip Ingram on the Faith Driven Entrepreneur Podcast as he discusses “Developing Holy Ambition.”

Outcomes Book - Summer 2023 Chang

9. The Anxiety Opportunity: How worry is the doorway to your best self
By Curtis Chang (Zondervan, May 16, 2023)
Book Overview

Outcomes Book - Summer 2023 Sobolik

10. Called to Cultivate: A gospel vision for women and work
By Chelsea Patterson Sobolik (Moody Publishers, October 3, 2023)
Book Overview

Outcomes Book - Summer 2023 Harris

11. Leading Ladies: Discover your God-grown strategy for success
By Amber Weigand-Buckley and Lisa Burris Burns (Bold Vision Books, May 16, 2023)
Book Overview

Outcomes Book - Summer 2023 Trueface

12. Divided We Stand: How to love when we disagree
By the Trueface team (Trueface; 1st edition, September 15, 2022)
Book Overview

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