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Developing a Generous Culture By Brian Kluth

A Generous Culture Has Generous Givers and Giving! To develop a generosity culture, it is important to understand these five spiritual practices that are needed to help grow generous givers and giving. 1 – INSTRUCT with Scriptures Generosity and financial teaching, particularly in a church should focus on the Bible – not the budget, bills,…

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Generous Paradigm-Shifting Discipleship By Patrick Johnson

 How to Initiate Generous, Paradigm-Shifting Discipleship Our vision for generosity at GenerousChurch is to break the mold! To shake it up so that the people sitting in the seats of your church sense a spiritual tremor and ask, “What just happened?” We want to equip church leaders like you to unleash generous disciples. The Reality…

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Lessons for Leaders: The Gift of Giving by Wayne Pederson

By Wayne Pederson I grew up poor and was brought up to be very frugal. I worked my way through university and seminary, skimping in food and clothes. Those habits became very ingrained in my life. Now that I’m a bit more financially secure, I’m trying to unlearn those habits and learning to be more…

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