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Unexpected Encounters By Jon Lewis

Stewarding Unexpected Encounters One of the key lessons I’ve been teaching in my Steward Leader seminars for African audiences is the importance of stewarding encounters and relationships with other people. I usually start out by highlighting what typically goes wrong in relating to others.  We either consider them as: means to our own ends, or…

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Practical Creation Care by Jon Lewis

Stewards of God’s Creation As leaders, we are stewards of God’s creation. We all have a role to play in caring for what he has provided. Small Matters Have you ever been in a hotel where room service keeps replacing the little soap bars and shampoo tubes every day no matter if you’ve used up…

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Generosity: The Road Less Traveled

Rich Haynie From the beginning of this nation, charitable giving has hovered around the 2-3% average of personal income.  All the transactional and cultural techniques have not significantly increased our generosity for 200+ years.  We need a revolution . . .a transformation for increased generosity! Surveys validate that an understanding of the truth “God owns…

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